Geometric patterns are very much on trend right now......70's much anyone?!

Ok so I'm a chic who grew up in the 70's and I can remember everything from clothes to decor being very bright and geometric, so I find it comforting, yet strange that it's back on trend.  They say fashion repeats and I have actually studied as to why it does.  Turns fashion trends go round in 20 year cycles, we remember things when times were more simple, easier, when we were kids. Well for me it's 2 lots of 20 year cycles (I'm in my 40's).

So here is how we wear it now....

Put a simple A-line dress with on trend peeptoe booties, a cute bag and there it is, the dress even has bell shaped sleeves, reminds me of my Mother when I was little.  I'm sure I have a picture of her in a dress like this.

Here is another set, add a modern bag and shoes and a flowing sleeveless waterfall jacket.  A fantastic and eye popping outfit.  Perfect for any occasion I can think of...dinner/lunch/shopping/office...


Till next blog.......stay fabulous!

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe