The New Preppie

Ok so I used to dress pretty similar to this in the 90's.  This is basically known as 'the Preppie look' where I am from.  Let's have a look at what it used to be like.......

It was all chunky loafters, baggy jeans and a tight top or bodysuit, followed up with a crossbody bag, and of course, the blazer.  I can remember I used to rock a huge belt as well.

This look has come back around again, yet it has oh so subtly changed....

The fashion rules of this look are.....

1. Keep it simple, don't wear too many trends at once.

2. Add a ripped jean, but have them fitted so you show off your curves.

3. Add a stiletto.

4. Wear a baggy top, that you can tuck in or leave out.

5. Add a blazer of course!

6. Keep any Jewellery you wear simple and not too bulky.


Published by Susan Crowe