In case you missed it, there is a revolution going. Some may say it is destined to fail this November as the establishment bristles at the idea that one man can stir a populous to claim what has been bled from them over a series of generations. But others are now just waking up to the idea that this is not just a time of change, but a reckoning of ideas once heralded by our founding fathers and carried into modern times by leaders like FDR and Jimmy Carter.

This new idea is not new at all according to the leader of the cause, who in many ways is so entirely incongruent with the mission he is championing. How could a 74-year old Jewish man from the cold hills of New England embody a notion that is held so close by so many young faces from across the Nation? Maybe it is this incongruence that has so many doubting the efficacy of the mission, but as the days pass, the mission's message seems to be hitting its target and the voices of the establishment once dubious at the ideas this curmudgeonly old gentlemen from Burlington espouses, turn from suspect to supportive.

Indeed, if you follow the Twitter-sphere, there is a fever called "The Bern" that is catching flame in new ways every day and a Revolution that once was not, seems to grow ever more.

I think it put best in the words of MSNBC, "He is not a Man, He is an Idea"


Maybe that is why so many young voices don't care that he is approaching Octogenarian age, or that he so dis-resembles them and their idea of what they look like? He is an idea for them and that is a very powerful thing if you believe in the message of another new revolutionary conceived of distrust in the establishment in fiction and now used as a persona to speak about ideas that might keep you from getting a job some day.

“Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea... and ideas are bulletproof.”

― V for Vendetta

The idea that America can be something more than what it is, the idea that all are created equal before their maker, the idea that the system is rigged against us and our voice as a people is no longer represented by those who hold power.

The wording is different this time around, and to be sure the method of achieving the desired outcome is most decidedly more passive than the last times we have watered the tree of liberty. But make no mistake, the cause for equality and freedom is just as real from the mouth of this newest revolutionary as it was when it flowed from the pen of Jefferson so many years ago.

And maybe that is also why the possibility of change for the betterment of all resounds so soundly in this newest generation and the idea, that a rigged America needs to be changed by a Revolution, can fit so succinctly with a populous that was raised pledging allegiance to an idea wrapped in stars and bars. The youth of this Nation were born under a cloud of war and in the dust of a two crumbling towers. They were weaned with shouts of Jihad and the 99% echoing in their ears. And they were told that the path to righteousness was found in the shadows of our Forefathers who endeavored to cast off the burden of tyranny.

Maybe that is why this idea is finding such fertile ground in the newest minds because it is those minds who remember most the words of "One Nation, Under God"? They have the hope and naivete that the world can be changed, while those of us who count more gray hairs each day have a harder and harder time believing that change might be possible in a Country that has become so calcified in corruption and a glacial pace.

This young hope can believe that a man who is so much older than them can beat death and stand firm against the tides which wish to hold us back and tear us down. It is an optimism that these young minds behold, and a belief that is as old as the land that they stand upon that is right and as just that they believe in. So they have no problem seeing a future in the spectacles and grandfatherly mannerism of this Revolutionary. Because while the man may falter some day, his ideas have carried on since the times of Kings and will carry on long after the youth of a Nation are replaced by the next generation.  After all, the men they were told were the embodiment of the American way died many decades ago but their ideas are as fruitful and as worthy as any ever bestowed upon the world ever.

They see him as a man to revere for the ages and make monuments to with his "Radical" ideas that hearken back to the men etched in stone on a great mountain, even still as we are perched to break historical ground with the first possible woman as president. We broke ground on history when we brought the first black man to the White House and it didn't get us to the place we wanted, so why should we believe that doing something again, just cause it breaks with history, will work?  

The "Bern" is not a political platform or a man. It is not tolerant of the idea that we will change things incrementally or slowly. It is a call to arms that will embrace of our fellow man and a demand that we will return to the side of justice and equality that we are called to. While we do find the words and the speaker attractive for an unknown and sometimes unthinkable reason, it is not the speaker we are following in this revolution, but the idea that better days can be had and a better life can be lived in the Country that is all about the betterment of the human condition.



Published by Christopher Richard