Sasha Obama, The President's Daughter, 15 years old, had just hit the internet by her inspiring act of taking an off from the comfort zone of the White House and getting a summer job.

She had made a trial to learn and live the life which most of the ordinary people live across the globe. Most of the media is flooded with her news where she is inspiring most of today's teens.

Sasha, 15, who has lived for eight years in the luxurious confines of the White House, is learning how the other half lives this summer, the Boston Herald reported.

The First Daughter took up the job at Nancy's on Martha's Vineyard at Cape Cod in Massachusetts, a local hot spot serving up fried seafood and milkshakes, where the Obamas like to visit for the summer vacations.

Sasha is sen above leaving Nancy's restaurant after her shift there on Wednesday, August 3

Sasha is seen above leaving Nancy's restaurant after her shift there on Wednesday, August 3
Sasha, using her full name, Natasha at Nancy's has been learning the ropes of the service industry at the Oak Bluffs eatery this week, working a cash register, busing tables and prepping the restaurant before it opens for lunch.

“She’s been working downstairs at takeout,” told a server to the Boston Herald at the busy island eatery. “We were wondering why there were six people helping this girl, but then we found out who it was.”

Sasha was accompanied to her summer job yesterday by a contingent of six Secret Service agents, who sat outside the restaurant in a large Suburban SUV and on the takeout benches while the president’s daughter waited on hungry tourists.

The Obamas' youngest daughter has been working an early four-hour shift at the busy, 350-seat restaurant, finishing up just a half hour after it opens for business at 11.30 a.m.

Sources tell the Boston Herald that the youngest Obama girl has been working at the restaurant this week in the take-out area, with her Secret Service detail at attention at nearby tables

Sasha Obama, daughter of President Barack Obama, leaves Nancy's Restaurant after working her morning shift in Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard Island on Wednesday, August 03, 2016. Image Credit: By Christopher Evans

Photos show the first daughter in her uniform of a blue t-shirt and hat and khaki banks, ringing up take-out orders for hungry customers.

Nancy’s is a favorite stop for the First Family, who always pop in for a seafood feed when they are on their annual Martha’s Vineyard vacation. The Obamas reportedly are friends with Nancy’s owner Joe Moujabber, which is how Sasha scored her summer gig.

However Sasha's employment will be short lived. The newspaper reported she will work only until her parents arrive at Martha’s Vineyard at the end of the week.

The White House declined to comment on the summer gig.

Where as Michelle Obama told “Entertainment Tonight,” “We tried to normalize their lives as much as possible.”

Published by Shivani Gupta