Does your teen frequently lie for your requirements? Sadly, lying appears to be M.O. of defiant, difficult teenagers. And, though all of us lie, parents don't expect their teenagers to lie to them. So, you are feeling frustrated, confused, and betrayed as soon as your teenager lies to you.

Surely, certainly one of your biggest concerns is how to prevent your teen from lying so much. You've good reasons to be concerned. Not merely does lying hurt you, it hurts your teen and others. And, if this behavior isn't stopped, your teen may attempt a lifetime of deceit and deception.

So, if your teen often lies for your requirements, here's some suggestions to simply help your teen reduce their have to lie to you.

Be Honest Yourself

We learn early to lie by watching others lie. Have you been always honest? Probably not. Always being completely honest is challenging. We don't like hurting people's feelings and sometimes, we only can't say what we think because of political correctness. Unfortunately, your teen probably noticed you lying to others. So, if you prefer your teen to be more honest with you, you should be more honest with others.

Avoid Making A Big Deal Out Of Lying

Often, parents create a big deal out of lying. Sure, lying is annoying and can hurt. Yes, honesty is important. But lying's not the worst part of the world. If your teen think they could push your buttons by lying, they could and uses lying to have power over you.

Call Them Out On Their Lies

Only do this knowing for sure that they're lying. In the event that you catch your teen in a lie, tell them you know that they're lying. Let them realize that lying is unacceptable. Discuss how lying hurts your teen and others. Discuss the advantages of honesty. Let them know they'll be double-punished-punished for the offense along with for lying.

Improve Your Relationship With Your Teen

If your relationship along with your teen is shaky, it's unlikely your teen is likely to be open and honest with you. How would you rate your relationship along with your teen? Can your teen truly talk for your requirements anytime about anything? Would they want to? If not, so what can you do which means your teen want to and can talk for your requirements anytime about anything?

Don't Ask Questions That Force Teens to Lie

Never ask a concern you don't know the answer to. There's situations where you know your teen's likely to lie. So, why require an explanation? Instead, just give the consequence for the misbehavior and be finished with it. As an example, your teen comes in after curfew. In the event that you ask why they're late, you know your teen will lie. So, don't ask why they're late. Simply give the consequence if you are late.

Recognize And Acknowledge Honesty

Praise and recognition is more effective than criticism, nagging, yelling, and lecturing in shaping teenagers'behavior. Believe it or not, teenagers like recognition and want to impress their parents. So, as soon as your teen tells the facts, acknowledge their honesty and create a big deal out of it. Let your teen realize that you're impressed by their honesty.

Enforce Consequences For Lying

Don't let your teen get away with lying. Tell your teen that they're finding a harsher punishment because of lying. Then administer the consequence for the misdeed and the lying. Make certain that the consequence is fair but uncomfortable enough to make your teen think hard about lying the next time.

Keep Yourself In Check

Teens lie in order to avoid confrontation. So, your teen won't let you know the facts in the event that you can't handle the truth. Therefore, you can't fly off the handle whenever your teen lets you know something you don't want to hear. Instead, stay calm. Acknowledge your teen due to their honesty. Calmly discuss how the matter must be handled, asking your teen due to their opinion.


Published by Matthew Piggot