If I had a nickel for every time I've been called crazy... realistically I might have $20. I admit I'm probably a little crazy. I'm nuts! cuckoo! Whatever you want to call it. I just like to think I'm different. I enjoy pushing the limits of my comfort zone and perhaps even others if I'm allowed to. When a problem arises I don't always see that as a bad thing. I see it as a challenge, and boy oh boy do I enjoy challenges sometimes. I gets my blood pumping.


I lead with the crazy angle because I'm about to explain my vacation that will start at the end of June. I am counting the days as I now am under a month and I'm getting excited!


June 24th - I wake up early to get my rental car. Then I work an 11-7 shift followed by driving five hours east towards Cincinnati. I'm going to find a rest stop and crash in my car for the night in a small town in Indiana. When explaining my first day I've already gotten two "you're crazy." You're going to sleep in a rest stop? It's not easy to sleep in a car sometimes but it's perfectly safe. Or at least I feel that way. There's way too many cars and trucks there for anyone to really try to pull anything. I've seen people pull out tents and camp out at rest stops. Also I've driven 20 hours in a day and been awake for 30 hours that same day. I know my levels of fatigue. I'll be fine. My only worry is getting a sore throat from singing too much.


June 25th - Clean up in the rest stop as much as I can. Drive 45 minutes to an hour to Cincinnati and meet up with my friend Jacob. The Cincinnati Reds play the San Diego Padres at 4:15 ET. I'll have changed time zones by then and not be in the central anymore. Afterwards I'll probably grab a meal and perhaps drinks with Jacob. I can either drive the hour to his place and crash (probably), or I can start on the five-hour drive towards Katelyn's place near Pittsburgh. I have the whole next day to be a drive day so I'll probably go crash at Jacob's place and get a shower in.


June 26th- Depending on where I sleep at, I'll have probably have at least a four-hour drive towards Dormont, Pennsylvania. Currently that is where Katelyn's sister lives and whose couch I'll be sleeping on. The entire day is just a drive day. It's a Sunday and shouldn't be too bad, but hopefully I get there in plenty of time for Katelyn to take me out to get a good meal and some drinks or see some live music somewhere. I've been to Pittsburgh once and I thought it was really cool.


June 27th- The Pittsburgh Pirates face the Los Angeles Dodgers at 12:35 ET game. After the game I'll do whatever Katelyn wants to do and again get a good meal and crash on the couch. In college we did a lot of laying out by the pool tanning and talking about stuff. We'll likely do something to catch up like that. She'll probably never read this, so hopefully I can flirt with her sister as well.


June 28th- This is a drive day where I'm heading towards Hagerstown, Maryland. I have a good friend, Fred, who lives there currently. It's only a three to three and a half hour drive from Pittsburgh. Which to me is a real easy drive day. I'll get a shower in and then hopefully brunch and head out. Unless I hook up with Katelyn, her sister, or both (wink wink), I'll probably feel like I've out stayed my welcome and want to hit the road.


June 29th- The Washington Nationals play the New York Mets at 7:05 ET. According to Fred it's a pretty easy train ride into the park and out. We will probably fuck around and catch up before we head to the game. Once we get back it's likely we will drink way too much and shoot the shit about life. I'm really looking forward to it.


June 30th/July 1st- This is the part of the trip where I might just wing it when it happens. There's a Louisville Sluggers game at 7:05 ET that I could try to get to. It is an eight-hour drive from Fred's house though. I'm not sure I'll want to suffer through that long of a drive and then sit another three hours at a minor league game. If I skip the game I basically have all of the 30th and the 1st to drive a total of thirteen hours back to St. Louis. While I could suffer through it and drive the whole thirteen hours I will probably take a detour somewhere or find a rest stop to try to get a few hours of sleep before I get back to St. Louis.


July 2nd- Since I'll be back in town I'll drop off my rental car. I also have plans to go to a St. Louis Cardinals vs. Milwaukee Brewers game at 1:15 CT with my friend Zach. I want to get to this game at a decent time because the first 30,000 people get a free Matt Carpenter batting practice jersey. I don't want to miss it!


That's my trip in a nutshell. I cross off three MLB ballparks I've never been to. I also get to see three friends I haven't seen for a while. While people may be turned down by all the driving I know I won't. I like solitude. I do my best thinking sitting on the toilet half the time. Other than the long drive on the way back none of those hours worth of driving are really that bad to me. I used to drive home thirteen hours from Florida to Illinois. Even when I went to school in southern Illinois and went home for breaks that was still a five-hour drive. I've just gotten numb to long trips. I throw in some music and get lost in my head thinking about stuff. It's also really easy to just call a friend and before you know it an hour has passed. Plus I plan to take videos and write my whole way through so that will be a good breather from driving and gas stops. Missing a day of showers is just like camping. You just deal with it.


I'll treat my vacation just like every trip I ever take to see friends. I expect to drink too much, and sleep very little. Therefore by the time I get back I won't need to have any money because I'll essentially just be working and sleeping for a week until I'm all caught up and my liver is working properly again. I just hope that since I'm driving such a far way that my friends will help take care of me a little on some food and drinks. I guess my final question is. How crazy am I really? I just think it's a well thought out road trip. If something happens and I can't crash at someones place I'm not that worried about it. I'm good at making the best of a bad situation and know how to adapt. In today's day in age where everyone sticks to their groups and are afraid to talk to strangers I always seem to have a friend that I know in every state. I'll figure something out. It's just another fun challenge.

Published by Brian Argetsinger