Hello. I'm Cavelle. It's nice to meet you!

I am writing today because I was invited by My Trending Stories. They had discovered my blog, liked what they saw and so here I am.


I'm excited to be here and I look forward to making many new connections through my writing.


When My Trending Stories discovered my blog Mental Break-In Progress, I was excited, however the timing of their discovery would be a blessing and a curse.


You see, I received an email from them about two months ago. My blog was still up and running at that point but I would soon find myself deleting my blog entirely, not bothering to check my email associated with the blog hence never noticing the invite.


I was going through quite the life change when My Trending Stories found me. I had just ended a six year relationship and had moved 4000 miles across the country to my hometown to start over and be closer to family.


In this process, I purged a lot of things out my life and I thought I was done with my blog and writing.


Just recently, I realised that although some things had to leave my life, writing was not one of them and so I started up my blog Mental Break-In Progress... again...from scratch...two years of writing deleted. I cringe at that thought but starting fresh can be a good thing.


It was when I resurrected my blog that I would finally check my email and see the invite from My Trending Stories from two months ago. Like I mentioned earlier, I was excited but also thought I was too late. I decided to reply to the email anyway and a couple of days later I would receive a positive response from My Trending Stories.


So about my blog Mental Break-In Progress. I originally started the blog back in 2014 after receiving a diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) I needed an outlet at the time and decided writing would be the way to go as I have always expressed myself better that way.


I would soon discover through writing that I was not alone in the world. There are many out there who are battling mental illness, who know or live with someone with a mental illness.


I share my voice in the hopes of cutting down the stigma that many of us with mental illness face on a daily basis. My main goal is to make the topic of mental illness less uncomfortable and integrate it into everyday conversation.


Mental illness is just that. An Illness. Yet it seems that when it comes to an illness of the brain, people get uncomfortable and shy away from discussion but it doesn't have to be that way.


Through my blog Mental Break-In Progress, I make a point to mix in everyday life with a side of mental illness. The truth is, many of us lead normal, productive lives and if we didn't tell you we lived with a mental illness you would probably never know but having to keep it under wraps is exhausting to say the least which is why I am so fond of writing about it.


In closing I want to thank My Trending Stories for seeing the positives in my blog even when I was going through a time where I could not see it myself. There truly is power in writing and I look forward to making new connections and sharing my story.






Published by Cavelle Martin