I have a dream of a country called Nigeria, where generators are not only called in technical lecture rooms and seen at exhibitions in only museums. I dream of an era of wise thinking, when states are independent and their mottos don’t have flat tires but reflect the economic values they own. I pray for daylight, when our children will get an education and not just remain members of Certificate Oriented Insti- TUITIONS. I dream of a time when things are affordable and jobs are accessible, when our health care is human friendly, when we don’t need to celebrate power suppliers for bringing light but for making life easier. I believe that a time is coming when we would eat without fear, sleep without wishes, love without selecting, and employ with affiliations. Yes, I have this dream. A dream of assurance and satisfaction. A contented Nigeria and a Nigeria of impact where you and I are not made in Nigeria by accident and so can’t Ghana must go our identities. I dream of possibilities beyond imaginations I dream of the death of our crab mentality I see opportunities within our reach a land of growth in all levels. In this dream I have a desire for my people. That they will be armed with knowledge and understanding, that they build a reputation of obedience and patience, that they become yoked with consistency and diligently work towards the sustainable development of our dear Nigeria. There is a lot more and you know it in your dreams too. Wake up; let’s make Nigeria come through one person, YOU at a time. We each have a part to play and not a curse to place

Published by Tosin