The Night of Her Dreams…

Laying here in bed she closed her eyes. She hadn't made love to anyone in over five months. She looked towards the door and he entered wearing boxers& a wife beater t-shirt. Her son was gone for the weekend they had the house to themselves. He smiled @ her & she @ him he took a sip of his drink that he had previously fixed and walked over to join her in bed.

There was music playing & candles lit she had waited for this moment for a while. They gazed into each others eyes like 2 teenagers anxious to be within each other. He leaned in & she did as well, as soon as their lips touched there was this passion that exploded inside of them that they couldn't contain, what was supposed to be a romantic night of love making turned into the most passionately wild night she'd ever experienced.

They kissed & caressed each other. There were moans and groans of the most sensual kind. His kisses were so passionate, so soft & yet so sweet. There are no words that can describe the chills she felt flowing through her as she kissed & caressed his chest, his nipples working her way down to his pleasure zone inhaling his manhood into her mouth making him arch his back & squirm as if he wanted to run! She deeps throat him and he cant take it he pulls her up flips her on her back and begins to devour her in a way she'd never felt!

He made his way up her body placing kisses all over her & he made his way up to her lips and begin sliding his manhood in she arched her back & they locked eyes until they both climaxed he rolled over & she got on top and rode hin into another climax. They made live for what seemed like hours until finally they fell asleep in each others arms... To wake up the next morning and do it all over again!

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Published by Life of a Unique Woman