Recently, Max and I went to the Battersea Arts Centre with his preschool to see a play.

It was fifty minutes long - just enough time to keep the attention of toddlers/small children, and highly entertaining. There were a number of animals, played by three individuals, in simplistic but effective costumes, showing the audience how these particular animals look for food to survive the winter.



The beautiful Grade II listed building, designed in 1891, and opened in 1893 as Battersea Town Hall. However, in 1974, it became a community arts centre. Six years later in 1980, the theatre was founded.



Dear Children,

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the woods.

My name is Orarvio and I am the warden of the wood, but not just the warden of the wood, I'm a little bit more than that actually. I'm a fairy! My dear fairy friends Pat and Morgana and I live here in the woods and we look after all of the animals and you, dear visitors, join us at a very exciting time, because tonight is the night that autumn turns to winter.

All of the animals of the wood are very busy, as you will see for yourself if you're lucky. And, if you are very lucky indeed, you might, possibly, maybe catch a glimpse of the most majestic and my personal favourite of all the woodland animals - the Winter Unicorn! He comes out but once a year and wherever he goes, winter follows.

Anyway, must dash, there are squirrels to feed and badgers to teach manners to.


I must say, the unicorn was most impressive! You could hear the children gasping with delight, as this large, beautiful creature walked around the stage.

For those who have children, who live in or close to London, if you are able to, Max and I recommend you go see it. 


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