The Nutrisystem diet, this is going to be one of the last diets I talk about specifically in my blog, although I won't lie.. I probably have 2 or 3 more I want to talk about specifically since just recently I had someone contact me asking me to share a couple more they heard about.  The reason I want to talk about this particular diet is because again this is another commercialized diet that promises weight loss and "inexpensive" meals.  On t.v this diet has people giving their testimonies and comparing their bodies before and after.  I have never tried this diet, nor have I ever been excited to want to try it because again I don't like diets and I don't like things that sound too good to be true.  You won't forget this by the time I am done repeating "I don't like diets" & I am dying to share why, hopefully I'll unleash my secret within the next couple of days.  In my opinion the Nutrisystem diet reminds me somewhat like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig's diet and that doesn't say much other than the possibly of expenses, rapid weight loss and long term consequences that aren't very beneficial. BUT, because I am not going to be bias and I enjoy teaching everyone the ins and outs of these diets, I want to help you decide for yourself whether this is the "right" diet plan for you and give people an understanding of what these diets can do for you and what they fail to do.  I'll add that the information I share is always facts, but things change and I try to research the information before sharing these facts so I can give you the updates in cases these diets have changed recently, but always, always, always do your own research as well because everyone's body is different and everyone has a different lifestyle.  This means, what I tell you about this particular diet may sound amazing or it may sound horrific but the only way you will know it if works for you, is to do your own digging and make your own list of goals: short term and long term & decide if they match up with the diet. 

Down below I will share with all of you the pros and cons of the Nutrisystem diet, then I will share my overall opinion and hopefully I will have all of you share your testimonies, opinions, and concerns in the comments or by personally contacting me.




  • Supposedly lets its clients know what they need to do in order to lose weight
  • Feats up to 150 or more meals and snacks
  • Everything can be customizable
  • provides balanced nutrition
  • promotes exercise
  • Convenient
  • vegetarian and diabetic friendly
  • promotes weight loss at a healthy rate
  • clients have access to registered dieticians and weight loss councelors


  • Meals may leave you feeling hungry
  • cost may be expensive
  • limited flexibility for eating off plan (i.e fast food, restaurants)
  • promotes more of a t.v dinner way of eating
  • Meals are not meant for family, each meal feeds up to one individual
  • Not a long term diet plan, once you lose the weight, the client needs to continue on their own and learn to eat the same way they did while on the diet. 


Basically this diet has some of the same promises as the other diets, but the difference is this diet includes to helps those that are vegetarians and diabetics and this is important because none of the other diets I spoke about thus far had this perk.  This brings me to my next point, this is something to consider whenever you try diets or want to diet, is what conditions do you have and do they need to be taken care of in order to do this diet.  For example someone with hypertension should eat foods with minimal to low amounts of sodium and if they start a diet plan this is one of the many things they need to make sure won't cause issues to their health & this goes the same for anyone who might have health conditions that change their eating habits/lifestyle. Your health comes first, not the weight loss, your health is key. You can want to lose weight but in order to lose weight you need to make sure that whatever diet you choose to start that it won't damage your health in anyway.  Truth is, this particular diet didn't sound so horrible until I realized once again this diet is made to be long term and what this comes down to is everyone is on their own after the program.  When we leave our clients to think for themselves after a meal plan such as this one, we have a problem because the majority of them will go back to bad habits and a very few amount will continue on the right path toward maintaining their health.  Diets like these tend to lend a helping hand only until one reaches the end and then you have to have disciple and teach yourself how to properly choose healthier foods and make it apart of your life for the long term, otherwise this diet won't do much good. In my opinion, this diet offers some awesome pros but I believe the cons are enough to make anyone rethink if this diet is really worth the cost in the long term and I don't think this diet is worth it.. when I look at the overall scope of things.  I don't shut this one down entirely because it has some very good qualities but I am not going to raise my hand and say "YES! this is the one!, this is a diet I would recommend" either because I honestly wouldn't recommend it.. 

So with this being said, Nutrisystem may be the step in the right direction but it isn't the winner.  Thanks for reading, hopefully reading my blogs by now have came easier and you can understand my sense of humor along with my realism because as we continue down this road I will continue to deliver more excitement and continue to learn and teach! I want to be the best personal trainer I can be and I want to help people stay healthy, happy and fit! Please don't hesitate to get a hold of me through social media or my email. 


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Published by Shay-Lon Moss