It was a rainy day but no one could tell us that we couldn’t swim. Life was like a silver lining on that Saturday. It had been about almost a year since December that my Binhi Youth Campers and I re-united over food (as always delicious and grand) and endless stories.

After volunteering for an environmental clean-up for the celebration of the environment month, sir Andrew took the three morning-people (Ivan, Mimee and I) to Florentina Homes: The Oasis, where we will spend the whole day and night for our reunion, together with our other Binhi Campers and the CREW (Community Relations Extensions and Watershed Management) of Energy Development Corporation.

Aside from strengthening our bond with each other and refreshing our minds with EDC’s Binhi Programs and its Four Modules, we had some glorious fun!

Florentina Homes is located at E Rovira Dr, Dumaguete City, Philippines. It is only 3 kilometers from Sibulan airport and is near St. Paul University Dumaguete.

Considering that I’ve never been to the idyllic, European-inspired, village-like hotel aside from occasionally dining at their famous bistro, I dropped everything and took pictures of the whimsical place.

My Bed:

The place had been purposely designed to express a nostalgic and romantic vibe. The pavements were lined with pebble stones, which you could kick endlessly and the houses are designed in European-inspired cultures- as if you are in Mexico, Italy and France all at the same time.

The food and the swimming pool do not disappoint. It had been my first time to actually see and experience a bar within a pool and the food served had always been palate-satisfying. The interior and exterior design, carefully articulated with the finest features of European grandeur, captured my dreamlike disposition. From then on, I promised myself that my dream house’s design would look like it.

I couldn’t stress about how tranquil and reality-stealer the place is. You’ve got to be the one swimming at the exclusive pool, satisfy your palate with the saliva-drooling baby-back ribs and simply lose yourself in time, living as if you are in another place at another time.

Special thanks to Andrew Casuncad for the photos

Accommodation sponsored by Energy Development Corporation

Published by Royanni Miel Hontucan