Flames are dancing upon thy eyes,

The cracking whispers heard inside thy ears.

Windowless soul trapped in the inferno of scars

Wielded upon thy body by thy sword.

Curse whoever amongst humans,

Who thinkth life is yet another toll.

Cold is the hour, dark the whole,

Break thy promise, ascend from the core.

Fallen is thy name, cursed thy love,

Yet I  behold thy beauty,

Unsacrificed chastity upon my heart.

Betrayed thou art

By thou love,

Understood wrongfully, shunned away,

Cast thy flames upon them whoever

Carrying beliefs upon the threshold of decay.

Forbidden may be thy unpronounced word,

Mistake wath thy truthful pray.

Unjudged is what judgement should have poured

Upon thy feet, the world is

Frozen, unbalanced , abhorred,

Warmth riseth wherever thou art to stand.

Published by Zohre Baghban