The only one


It happened one day when least I expected it

A day that started with sunshine overhead

It wasn’t what I’d thought it would have been

That day ended with a thunderstorm instead


My eyes were a hazel hue but unexpectedly

I had seen red – a tinge with which I was unknown

By day’s end I had her by my side

Her face was the face to which I’d shown


So much of myself, she knew me

Like the palm of her own hand

I was the beach, a place to call my own

A grain, a granule of the red hot sand


In the sunshine I would walk across

No thongs – I’d left them in the car

I looked ahead down Main Beach – far from home

I looked ahead – lo, behold and there you are


I looked up to see the dark cloud

That carried thunder in its pouch

I thought of others watching safely

From their couch


Watching safely from their couch

I’d rather climb a mountain

Travel with you back in time

Dance in a water fountain


I’d rather sail Sydney Harbour

Lie with you under the Bridge

Picnic at a remote locale

Climb a mountain, or a ridge


But in this world nothing’s as it seems

Everyone has an agenda, don’t you know?

I look out to the ocean, it’s pristine

I hold your hand – only you know what I mean


I mean that a square box won’t fit in a round hole

I mean we’re best in each other’s company

I mean the pillow you rest your head on

Is my pillow too

I mean you are the only one I see


The only one who speaks the language

I can understand

The only one to show me what you know

The only one to make my own heart ache

The one who loved me with her afterglow


What is the way ahead? Once, I wondered if you would

Follow me along this path I walk

The way ahead will take me to a place I’ll be with you

You are the cheese to what I call my chalk


The lookout on the mountain by the sea

Reminds me of the days that passed me by

I sit there with a blanket over knees

My love for you won’t leave me as I sigh


I sigh for what we had that now has left

Kept in memories in books of photos that we took

I suffer all alone for what I had

The photos are the only way I look


Into your eyes, so blue, I won’t forget

The sunshine and the laughter we knew when

I’d stroke your hair, I’d sense your joy, your sudden autumn breeze

Soon I’ll share my love with you again.

Published by Owen Tilley