I’m a baby, and babies like to suck on things. Among my favourite things to suck on are my own fists. They’re the perfect size for my mouth and they’re always around. Very handy!

Mommy doesn’t like it when I put my hands in my mouth. She says I end up getting drool on everything and she doesn’t like that my hands are always wet. Mommy’s solution is a pacifier.

I Love Zazzle

There is only one kind of pacifier that I find acceptable and that’s the one made byNUK. It’s the perfect shape to fit comfortably in my mouth. There is a groove for my tongue and the base is slender allowing me to close my mouth around it. The plastic shield is curved to match the shape of my face and it leaves space around my nose.

Soothing. So soothing. Can't keep me eyes open.

Soothing. So soothing. Can’t keep me eyes open.

Here I am with one of my NUK pacifiers. I have several so that I can have a clean one every day while mommy washes the dirty ones in the dishwasher. This one has duckies on it! Best of all, this particular pacifier was part of the Nestle sample pack, so I got it for free. I wrote more about free samples here. Don’t forget to get your free stuff, if you haven’t done so already.

The NUK pacifier is the best there is. Every other pacifier I’ve tried is good for only one thing; seeing how far I can launch it. The NUK pacifier works just as well as my fists and it leaves my hands free to explore. I might even go so far as to say that I love my NUK pacifier.

My mommy likes the NUK pacifier too but for her own reasons. Mommy lets me sleep with my NUK pacifier to reduce the risk of SIDS. I’m not sure what that means, but if it allows me to have my pacifier at bedtime, then I’m all for it. Mommy gives me my daily vitamin D supplement on my NUK pacifier. It’s quick and easy for both of us. Mommy also wanted me to talk to you about orthodontic health, but that’s where I got confused. Luckily, the people at NUK have something to say about that too. Maybe this picture will help me explain.

The boring details.

The boring details.

I have no complaints about my NUK pacifier. Mommy complains that she can’t order more on the Canadian website like Americans can on the US version. That doesn’t sound fair to me, but I know mommy will find a way to get more somewhere. I’m not worried.

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