How would it have been like to walk and talk with Jesus Christ? To be one of the disciples and watch as He raised the dead, opened the blind eyes, multiplied food so everybody could be fed? What about when He quieted the storm with just one word, or that day when He came walking on water towards the boat and Peter also got the chance to walk on water with Him?  Having the opportunity to be one of His disciples would have been a wonderful experience. But why then did He say in John 16:7 it was to our benefit that He would go away, back up to heaven?

I am one of those who has always been fascinated by the idea of being one of the 12, the disciples who followed Jesus. To live back then and walk and talk with Him. Having the opportunity to watch Him do all of those things, and in the end, watching Him die on the cross for our sins. It would be a life changing experience to say the least. And it has always boggled my mind, how could Jesus say it would be better for us if He went away? I have always thought to myself I need Him here on earth now, but one day God showed me the answer to my question.

When Jesus came to this earth it was as a sacrifice for our sins. His one mission was to be born as a human being without any sin nature, live a perfect life, and go to the cross to die for our sins.  Because of His sacrifice we can be reconciled to God if we choose to believe He did it for us.  If we do not believe He died for our sins we will be judged by God when we die for our sins and end up in hell.


The recurring theme in the Bible is Gods plan to redeem a fallen and lost humanity. Adam and Eve sinned and it changed everything, and God could have chosen to wipe us of the face of the earth and begin again with a new creation. Nobody could accuse Him of being unfair if He had done that, after all Adam and Eve chose to sin and we choose to sin every day. So we are without excuse to God, we deserve hell. But even so His love for us compels Him to do what He can do to save us, if we will only accept.

So instead of wiping us of the face of the earth He introduces the sacrificial system. Right after He has expelled Adam and Eve from the garden He kills a lamb and the blood of the lamb satisfies Gods holiness and covers their sin for a time. This makes it possible for God to maintain a relation with Adam and Eve, even after they had sinned.

Ever since that day God has done everything in His power to make sure He could have a relation to sinful humanity. The only thing He has demanded of us was acceptance that we had sinned and deserved hell, and then our willingness to do what He told us to do. In the beginning it was sacrifices in the temple in Jerusalem to cover our sins. Now its faith, simple faith in that what Jesus did for us at the cross was a sacrifice for our sins. If we believe Jesus died for us, we will be reconciled to God and become His children. (John 3:16)


Right now Jesus is in heaven. Jesus is no longer on this earth, He left the earth after His mission was completed. He had done what He came to do, and that was to die on a cross and be raised from the dead so that everybody who believes in Him can be forgiven. (Luk 24:51)

Are we then alone on this earth?

The death of Jesus on the cross for us is the answer to everything in our lives. His death gives us forgiveness for our sins, but it also provides healing for our bodies, healing for our minds, provision for our needs, wisdom, guidance and protection. What ever you need today it is found in the cross of Christ. In His death you will find a new car, a new job, money to pay your bills, money to feed your family, healing for cancer, healing for HIV and aids, healing for the broken heart and healing for the sick body. But you will find one more thing, and this is the reason why Jesus said it was to our benefit that He would go away. You will find God Himself living in you. (John 14:23)

I remember when I first got saved in 2001 I became part of the local pentecostal assembly. During the years that followed I never really got a good explanation on the relation between the Holy Spirit and Jesus. All the emphasis on the Holy Spirit made wonder if they had forgotten about Jesus, and sometimes it felt almost like I was cheating on Jesus by loving and worshiping the Holy Spirit. After all it was Jesus that died for me,not the Holy Spirit.

And at the same time, I could not get my mind around the fact that Jesus was no longer here on earth. If Jesus was gone from the earth, where we then left alone by ourself waiting His return?

What would be better then having the ability to walk, talk with, eat with and watch God Himself in action? What would be better then having the ability to live along side Jesus while He walked the street of Galilee?

When Jesus lived on this earth He was and still is God. 100% God, 100% human. But even as God He was limited in a way, His physical human nature made it impossible for Him to be everywhere all the time. He became tired, He became hungry, He had to sleep and one time He even slept so hard the disciples had to wake Him in the middle of the storm. But there was one thing Jesus could not do as long as He was on this earth, He could not live inside of anybody.

So what would be better then having the ability to walk and talk with Jesus who is God? That would be to have God living inside of you.

The Holy Spirit is God, He is the same God as Jesus and the same God as the Father. Its still 1 God with three individual expressions the way a man can be a husband, a brother and a son. The way a woman can be a wife, a sister and a daughter. Still 1 man, 1 woman with three individual expressions.

You are a spirit having a human experience. You are living inside of a physical body that is slowly aging and one day your body will die. That day you will go on into the next life and be either judged and end up in hell or welcomed home to Gods heaven. All dependent on your faith on what Jesus did for you. If you reject Jesus you accept hell and judgement. If you accept what Jesus did for you hell will be rejected and heaven welcomed.

The death of Jesus provided everything we need for this life, and for the next life. But what it also provided was the ability for God the Holy Spirit to come and live inside of us, inside our spirit. (John 16:7)

So we who are alive today have an advantage the disciples of Christ did not have as long as Christ was with them on earth. We have the possibility for the Holy Spirit, God Himself, to come and live inside of us. And that is way better then walking and talking with Jesus while He was alive on this earth.


Jesus came to die for our sins, there is only one way for us to be reconciled to God and that is to believe in what Jesus did for us. And there is only one way for us to make sure we will make it to heaven, and that is by continuing to believe Jesus died for our sins. No matter what happens, we must always remember that the cross of Christ is the only way for us to live as christians and to have access to all of Gods promises.

The Holy Spirits has one job, and that is to make sure we make it to heaven. He is passionate about one thing, and one thing only, that is to make sure we will one day end up in heaven. But also to make sure we have access to all of Gods promises for this life. And He does this by constantly reminding us of what Jesus did for us. (John 16:14), because He knows this is the only way for us to get to heaven and the only way for us to have access to all of Gods promises for this life, by constantly believing and trusting in what Jesus did for us.

So the Holy Spirit can never be separated from the cross of Christ and the death of Jesus. As long as you believe Jesus died for you, and you keep on believing Jesus died for you, the Holy Spirit will work in you and through you. (Romans 8:1-11)

If you keep on believing, no matter what happens, that Jesus Chris died for you and that is enough for your life, the Holy Spirit will make sure every need in your life is met. He will make sure you will see the promises of God come to life in your life, He will make sure you will get to heaven. But you have to continue to believe, no matter what happens, that the cross and the blood of Christ is enough for you.

He will make sure you have power for ministry, gifts for ministry and a ministry. He will make sure you have strength to withstand the temptations of the evil one. He will give you victory over the flesh, the world, and the devil. But you have to make sure He enjoys living inside of you. If the Holy Spirit does not enjoy living inside of you He will one day leave you and then you will be in big trouble with God.

How does He leave? If you frustrate Him by making Christ of no effect (Gal 5:4) How do you make Christ of no effect? By choosing to believe the cross of Christ and His death is not enough to meet your needs, that you have to something in addition to it to have your needs met.

How can you make it enjoyable for the Holy Spirit to live inside of you? By not frustrating Him. How do you do that? By not making Christ of no effect. By choosing to believe, no matter what happens, that the cross of Christ and His death is enough to meet your every need and you can never add anything to it. You just have to believe He died for your sins. (Romans 8:1-11)

You can never separate the Holy Spirit from the cross.



Published by Apostle Ernie