(Originally on my blog vitaeihlathi.wordpress.com) Male peacocks, with their sapphire blue and emerald green feathers are the epitome of beauty. Females on the other hand, are brown and plain. When placed side by side, they looked like two different species of birds altogether. Yet, when animals were created, peahens were beautiful. With glimmering golden and scarlet red feathers, instead of being known as 'peahens', they were called 'phoenixes'. 'Queen of birds', that was their titles. Humans worshipped them as one would with a God and other birds would bow down to them and from all the attention they received, the phoenixes became haughty and vain, looking down their noses at other birds. Not that they had a nose like yours and mine. They became so arrogant that they deemed the peacocks too ugly to be compatible to mate with. Thus, for a period of time, the population dwindled. Gaia became enraged and She intentionally started a forest fire. She had intended for it to be a warning to the phoenixes, but who knew, they walked right into the flames. The phoenixes, they had all been busy admiring themselves in the reflection of the stream. When they finally realised that there was a fire, the poor delusional birds walked right into the blazes. You see, in the reflection of the runnjng water, they saw that their feathers had lost their sheen and beauty. In a bid to have shinier and brighter feathers, they had walked right into the flames. Yet, all the birds realised was that their beloved feathers were being burnt. When they finally emerged from the flames, the phoenixes were covered in the ashes of their feathers. All that remained were feathers singed brown and brown it shall remain. Ashamed of themselves, the phoenixes hurried to find themselves each a mate who was still willing to accept them and thus, changed to being called 'peahens'. The peacocks on the other hand, were happy to be the most handsome birds in the forest. (A/N Morale of the story: Don't be arrogant and think that you are better than everyone. Always treat everybody as an equal for we are all made from flesh and filled with blood. I had wanted to challenge the stereotype of peacocks being arrogant as many books and stories that I read since young has depicted peacocks as being arrogant and vain, but who is to say that just because the females are plain looking, they can't be too? This is Vitae Ihlathi here, challenger of stereotypes. Do what floats your boat but always wear a life jacket so you'll never drown. Always love animals too! )

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