It was  quite interesting as it turns out to be. At school I wanted to be like my friend who was the most popular Diva. I tried but I coudn't. Then in my teens I wanted to be like my elder sister "the most beautiful". I tried but I coudn't. In my early 20s I wanted to be someone else who was more successful than me. I tried but I coudn't.

One day I have realized that all my life I was trying to be someone else but I failed to be them. Then a question popped what am i? What are  my favs? What's the things I like?  The answers were depressing . I was like what!!! All these years where was me? 

I heard myself speaking to me, from my own superior self. What it said was amazing. It said that in the process of trying to be someone else I have found me and what I don't have to be .

I have heard there are many girls out there who are ashamed of themselves for trying to be someone else all their lives. It's okay to try be someone else but the truth is you will never be them. And in that beautiful process of learning the truth you will find and fall in love with yourself. You will just be the new rainbow with a few borrowed colors mended and blended in your own way. 

It is a tough path but believe me it's worth all of it.On this note I would like to thank " The Others" in me. 

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