Joshua 18 “Almost Persuaded or OUCH! ”

The seven tribes left without a land allotment were “almost persuaded” but lacked the gumption to fight for what God had already promised. They had become complacent, tired, and comfortable where they were. Wisely, Joshua challenged them ‘How long do you intend to put off occupying the land?’ The sign of complacency is accepting the status quo and that is where these men found themselves. They had fought alongside Joshua to subdue the land but had never taken ownership. They had become satisfied with a partial victory and that is where many of us find ourselves as well.

 Jesus said “GO” and make disciples but we are satisfied to let the Discipleship team at church do it or the Pastor or the missionary on the field. We have lost our drive to step out of our comfort zone and as a result, many are heading into a Christ-less eternity. The signs of a partial victory are there. We put our tithe in the offering plate but we hold on to our pocketbooks for other projects fearing what may lay ahead for ourselves. We forget that God has gone before us and has showered his blessings upon us before. If God has been faithful, why are we not? The most glaring sign is that we love the world and the things in this world. Christ spoke to the church at Ephesus reminding them that they had ‘lost their first love.’

Could this be where we are?

How long will we stand on the sidelines?

There is a lost world waiting to hear the message of the gospel.


Published by Gaye Austin