When Rachael West's mother got sick, she decided to stay on the farm and care for her instead of moving to Sydney with Matthew, her high school sweetheart. Ten years later Rachael receives an invitation to Matthew's wedding, an all expense paid trip to Paris. Rachael is unprepared for what this once in a lifetime trip will bring. In the city of love, Rachael finds herself asking 'when is it right to follow your heart?'

I absolutely loved this book.

This is my first time reading anything by Charlotte Nash; I am now officially in love.

Nash's writing style is extremely emotive and tender. I genuinely felt all the ups and downs that Rachael experience on her journey as if I was living them.

Rachael was an amazing character to read about, she has had real struggles in her life and was wise beyond her years. Giving the life she has lived Rachael was somewhat naive in matters of the heart. This was an interesting juxtaposition to get to explore.

This story has an amazing array of support characters to fall in love with. These characters are so diverse; representing different nationalities, economic backgrounds and different generations. Seeing these character interact with Rachael and each other made for some genuinely funny scenes.

Charlotte Nash has a fantastic cinematic quality to her writing. This made for an extremely enjoyable reading experience. Her descriptions really transported me to the farm or Paris and her ability to convey emotion really enhanced her ability to capture a scene.

I may be new to Charlotte Nash, but I am hooked now.

Paris Wedding is a roller coaster of emotions, that kept me turning the pages, and left me completely satisfied.

The Paris Wedding by Charlotte Nash is a beautifully written story, with amazing characters that will transport the reader to the city of love.

Dont miss out on this breathtakingly beautiful reading experience.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker