There's a woman at my church who is classically trained. Every time she sings, goosebumps appear on my arms. Her voice is crystal clear and exuberant. When she hits a high note, it rings around the auditorium like a bell. She ALWAYS gets a standing ovation. I've yet to hear her sing off key and her pitch is perfect.

In the same way, I wonder if my life is similar. Is my life on pitch? The notes and tunes I exude, are they pleasing sounds and sights to the Lord? Since He is my audience and my life the song I sing to Him, I want to receive a reward for my performance. After all, He's already paid the price of my ticket for me to appear before Him -- shouldn't I do the best I can?

Thankfully, I'm not alone on the stage. Jesus is with me, helping me when my voice cracks, orchestrating the melody, training me to make sure I live my life on pitch so at the end of the performance, I'll hear a singular clap and a voice that says, "Well done! Well done!"

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