There's a part when you have no idea about something

Literally know nothing to write about, or something to talk about.
Where's the inspiration go and left you behind.
Your mind keep finding that little thing called 'idea' and a word of 'fresh' always haunted you to make a new and creative content.
So much idea showed up on, but it never be the best.


You are afraid of what people thinking.
People's opinion is like a sharp knife that would cut you off in an instance if they won't like it.
Or the worst, if they think that words you write were hurtful or full of sentimental critics.
Even you just want to share your opinion about something and you write it from your point of view.
Afterwards, you'll back to the point where you need to think about something nice and fresh.

This cycle never leave you so easily.
It needs power.
A power of controlling what the best for you and for anyone.
You just being you, and people just being people.
Saying it sounds much easier than it done.

People always made for criticized people's life.
Why should us bother?
We (human) wanted to see the best of the best, and get jealous by the best, get inspired by the best, and eventually get destroyed by the best.
It just how's life going.
You can't deny it, just accept it and embrace all the thoughts.

You are you, not anyone else.
Be the best of yourself and keep writes what you think is good to share and that is your own idea.
You'll never get a perfect idea if you always keep listen a bunch of hateful people.
When you already did that thing, that inspiration would come to you like a loaded gun being full shot.
And now, you are officially write something without you realized.

One thing we should know,
being fear of people's mind is perfectly normal.
But, being haunted by them is totally worst than sitting with your uncle Frank or aunt Mary in Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner :)

Published by Yoggi Lim