Bachelorette parties are all unique and special as the bride to be chooses her closest friends who gather together and celebrate the beautiful occasion that a wedding is. This particular bride to be happens to be one of my best friends that I have known for almost twenty years. Being separated by the distance, we keep in touch and only rarely meet and this was a perfect opportunity for us to celebrate her and be part of her world for a second.

The preparations for the trip have begun long before the event took place. As the bride to be has warned her friends that she would like a rather classy bachelorette preferably in Napa, California, the Maid of Honour has planned the locations, wineries, dinners and outing to perfectly suit the wishes of the bride. So, there was only two of us travelling from Europe and this trip to us meant much more than a bachelorette  weekend. 

When we landed in Dallas last Sunday, we immediately transferred into a different World, where the bride to be took us on a journey and fully let us in to her life. It was an interesting experience getting to know the lifestyle that she has now become accustomed to. Moreover, it was like a reality check to me, as realisation has hit me that we are indeed no longer children. Anyway, Dallas is a beautiful city and is perfect for families. If you are ever in Dallas here's a couple of places you should pay a visit to:

1. Wine and Dine: Coal Vines, True Foods, The Mermaid Bar, Top Knot

2. Sightseeing: 6th Floor Museum (JFK Assassination), Dallas Arboretum 

We were lucky enough to also go to the Texas State Fair, and trust me there's nothing better than attending a state fair to get to know the culture of the state - simply put great experience!

The bachelorette experience begun when we took a flight to San Francisco. The Maid of Honour has arranged for a car rental and whilst bride to be was kept in a complete state of surprise, we drove to Sonoma Valley and the adventures have begun. The next day we have visited a couple of wineries, here are my Top 2:

1. Ram's Gate Winery: beautiful setting, very romantic, perfect for an exclusive event, very recently opened (5 years ago), wines: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

2. Chateau St. Jean:  breathtaking setting, private rose garden, perfect for a small wedding or any other private event, known through its legacy, wines: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

The wines listed above are my top favourites, however, don't doubt for a second that the wine choices at either of these wineries are limited to only these. If you are based in the states or willing to travel around, I definitely recommend make a wine tour out of this. It could be a perfect holiday for girls only as well as a perfect romantic getaway with your beloved.

The last but not least important destination was San Francisco. The magical city, where all ideas turn into successes: Pinterest, Twitter, Yahoo, Uber and Airbnb just to name a few. It is absolutely amazing to walk the city in a company of good friends and explore each area. The diversity level in the city is so high that one has no time whatsoever to be bored. This is exactly what is missing from the everyday life in some cities of Europe: the rhythm of life. The bay area in San Francisco is simply breathtaking. Here's the list of places I have been to and absolutely loved in San Francisco:

- The Golden Gate Bridge

-Fishermen Wharf

- If you have a little time treat yourself to a spa day at Cinta Salon (Union Square)

- Union Square: also great for shopping

- If you have the time take the San Francisco Cable Car: great for sightseeing and takes you to all different places within the city

- Lastly, if curious, take a tour around San Francisco city (business). 

As you can see this particular bachelorette was not like any other. It was classy, cultural and included a lot of travel. What can be a better way to prepare for your special day than spending a mini holiday with your besties, touring around the states and wine tasting?

Published by Karina Saakyan