The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in your home.

And creativity is key in kitchen interior design. As a premier interior design company in Bangladesh, Tilottoma has some great ideas to get your started on designing your kitchen.

First of all, start with the stools.

Choosing the right stools for your kitchen

Usually, in a kitchen, comfort is not the first and last word.

Function and image are they key factors in kitchen interior design.

Typically, in a kitchen, you don’t always go for comfortable chairs in which someone can slouch and just let go.

Some of the most popular pieces of kitchen furniture are very austere looking tall stools around the ‘kitchen island’.

Designing the kitchen island

The kitchen island is not a new concept. It’s been popular for many years.

It’s useful, it’s easy on the eyes and very practical.

The first thing to consider in designing a kitchen island is space. It must have enough space to hold all the things that you need in your cooking so that they’re within easy reach.

If you have to keep going here and there to get knives, spoons and pans, that’s not very efficient, is it? And efficiency is key to kitchen design, so make sure that your island is large enough to hold everything you need.

Next thing is material to use for the island top.

Remember, you need a surface that’s heat resistant and from which stains can be scrubbed off easily. So, go for ceramics or tiles. If you absolutely want a woodtop island, make sure you choose specially treated wood that is heat resistant.

As far as colour is concerned, white is one of the most popular choices for the kitchen island.

Get yourself a ‘kitchen nook’

What is a kitchen nook?

I like to describe it as a ‘small and cosy dining room within the kitchen’.

It saves you from the trouble from having a separate dining room and is especially useful for small home design.

Even if you have a separate dining room, you can reserve the dining room or guests coming over while eating at the kitchen nook when it’s just the family. That way you save yourself the trouble of having to clean and maintain the dining room daily.

Typically a kitchen nook is located near windows to ensure light and air. You can go for the typical dining room arrangement of chairs around a table or you can go for a sofa and table arrangement.

And remember to have adequate lighting arrangements for nighttime.

Kitchen sink design

Discussing kitchen sink design is critical...because in my opinion it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

The sink sees almost as much activity as the kitchen; it’s where you ensure that everything becomes clean and eliminate the threats of dirt and disease so you better design it carefully.

First up comes material selection.

Steel is the most used, and for good reason. It’s very hygienic and water-resistant. Placement-wise, steel sinks are very adaptable and go with a lot of kitchen designs.

Granite and acrylic sinks can definitely add an elegant touch to your kitchen. They are also quite hygienic.

Then comes type of sink. Do you want a single large basin sink or a two-basin sink?

A single basin sink can comfortably accommodate large utensils and anything else you may want to clean in it. On the other hand, a two-basin sink allows you to keep distance between tasks – one basin can be used for cleaning dishes while the other can be used for soaking eatables as part of the cooking process.

Finally comes shape. There are of course many variants but the two most popular kitchen sink shapes are square/rectangular and rounded.

Rectangular sinks are generally considered more shapely due to straight lines while rounded sinks are easier to clean.

Kitchen cabinet

If your design tastes are more modern and minimalistic, you can go for ‘modular’ cabinet design or inbuilt cabinets.

If you’re a little old-fashioned, you can go for separate cabinets in which to keep your pots and pans.

The preferred material for modular cabinets is wood, plywood or laminate. For old-fashioned a.k.a. separate cabinets, you can go for more classical choices like mahogany.

If you’re on a budget, modular cabinets would be the best because to get a really well-designed old-fashioned cabinet, you would need a lot of customization and that is bound to increase your kitchen interior design bill quite a lot.

To conclude, kitchen interior design is often overlooked but is quite an important part of interior design.

The key things to consider in kitchen interior design are – hygiene, heat and/or water resistance, how easy it is to clean, utility and finally aesthetics.

I wish you all the best in your kitchen interior design project.

Published by Mohsin Ahsan