If you’re like many others this holiday season, chances are you’re going to be bunking up in a hotel or guest room for Christmas and New Year’s. And while this means that you’ll get to spend quality time with friends and family, you’re time spent at the gym is going to suffer. Not to worry though! Below I’ve highlighted my favorite ways to stay healthy while celebrating holidays on the road.

Whether you’re headed to the big city, or back home to a small town for the holidays there are multiple ways that you can keep your metabolism up to speed. My first piece of advice is to walk to your destination if possible. I was just in Chicago for the first weekend of December, and literally walked everywhere. It helped because my fiancé and I ate fabulous food… and then walked it off when we headed back to our hotel. Walking will help burn off those extra calories from fatty holiday food. If you’re in a neighborhood suggest taking a group walk after you eat. Everyone is probably just going to want to crash on the couch, but you’d be amazed at how much better you feel after a half hour or so walk. Plus it gives you a chance to talk about things that you didn’t get to during dinner or breakfast.

Aside from light walking, there are so many things you can do just in a bedroom or hotel room that burn off calories as well. Do 3 sets of 10 each of the exercises I have listed below to keep your muscles toned and metabolism moving. You can also do pretty much any ab exercise on the floor or yoga and stretching. Just make sure that whatever you’re doing takes about 20-30 minutes to get your heart rate up and work up a little sweat.

  • Push-ups
  • Lunges (10 on each leg, so 20 total)
  • Planks on your elbows (do 3 1-minute planks)
  • Squats
  • Tricep dips (a bed or chair pushed up against a wall makes for a good base)

I know that exercise is probably the last thing on your mind when traveling this holiday season, but trust me you will reap benefits if you keep up on it. You won’t feel as miserable after you eat holiday food, and it will make getting back into your regular gym routine much easier. Doing these light exercises will also help maintain a healthy blood sugar, which will eliminate sugar spikes that cause drowsiness.

What about cardio, you say? Regular cardio sessions are very important, but if you can’t get one in while traveling it’s not an exercise deal-breaker. However, if you’re really feeling like you need to do cardio jumping jacks, squat jumps and split squat jumps are great ways to get you sweating. Do each move 3 times for one-minute each. Also, if you happen to be traveling to a warmer climate bring your running shoes and hit a local trail if you have down time. Running is a great way to see other cities, just make sure it’s not icy so you don’t risk falling.

Published by Laura C.