If you're a pear shaped girl like me, you know how hard it is to find a jacket that fits well.  The eternal search for that one jacket is a struggle.  If it fits on the bottom, then it's too big on the top/shoulders.  If it fits on the top, then it doesn't fit over the hips.  I hate looking for jackets, especially suit jackets.  Suit jackets, in my opinion, tend to look old fashioned and boxy.  They often have shoulder pads.  Who wears shoulder pads in 2016?!  I stumbled upon this jacket at Maurice's and I love it.  It's white, so it goes with almost anything.  It fits in the shoulders and is meant for a curvier woman, so it fits my hips too.  It doesn't have buttons and has a more modern lapel.  It was on sale, I think the regular price was $65 and I got it for $40.  That is more than I usually spend on a piece of clothing but since it's a dressy jacket, I think it's worth the investment.  I think you should have some solid basics in your wardrobe that last a long time, so it's ok to spend a little more on these items.


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Published by Christine Murphy