I’m sitting here in a washroom, with the dye on my hair,perfect quiet place, the moment when you have to sit and do nothing. I’m  tired after hard, long day at work. Finally kids are sleeping, dishes are not piling up in the sink,wash machine is on, toys are still everywhere but a little a bit of chaos doesn’t bother me much, its actually pleasant normality. And tomorrow all the same again, I know sounds boring. I try to keep up, write more, write something good, do photography, learn more, be creative…. and then nothing….my tired head its empty, my bank account is empty, and its hard to squeeze a minute to even think about being more creative. I’m finally sitting on the evening and what I see: all those amazing videos people showing things they made with simple stuff, see those wonderful pictures, art, those  ideas…those techniques! I read great stories when words just are put so good together. Great photographers, journalist, graphic designers, artists, bloggers,looks like  they have time, they manage do Things, they are so creative. Then I’m getting so overwhelmed with  all those things in Internet, so much…its too much.I’m hitting the wall asking myself,  can I create something new, unique, can I have different ideas then other people….  the world is just so demanding nowadays. Being out there in a cyber world can makes life easier, but can be so frustrating. I’m sometimes actually amazed by the people who are absent in the Internet, they don’t bother to exist here, hard to believe is possible… They are probably some great artist who are doing their art, hidden from world, although they might not discovered at all, but with so many of them on Internet, you might not be discovered at all either, feeling like a little leave in the forest.

I have such a days, that I’m scared to turn on the laptop, see all popping emails, notifications….advertisements, because then I’m lost in those…and my time is lost.I feel like I’ve been pulled in few different directions, and then I really don’t know where I’m going.  What’s truly the best to do, what should I do first…on what I should concentrate more?!

Thinking about photography, when there are millions of photos out there, lots of great photographers, I see next wonderful image and I’m asking myself, not only probably me,   Can  be anything else different done in photography? Can be something unique that will give me 1milion views?

You trying out ideas, you playing with the lights, searching for unique models, unknown places, new techniques, equipment…how far can you go? how far is worth to go? do you want to just please yourself or try to still impressed people who are fed up with nice images on Internet, magazines, etc.?

I asked that question to myself  when I saw this idea


Some might think: well new interesting idea, other will thing new idea, but isn’t that a bit too much… some will thing this is just disgusting.

That reminds me other picture on which people have split opinion,newborn baby lying on mom, her scarf after c-section is exposed.


so should we exposed so much?

Another example on the controversial art in my min, where real dead human bodies where used for the exhibitions:


Is that profanation of the human body, or might be excused that was used for educational reasons?

Then other trend I call “pictures on the edge” when people want to do the best selfies ever in dangerous places or situations.

The list is getting longer…


So how far you will go to achieve the best picture? how creative you can be?

Some strange, different ideas for pictures involved models, some of them are well paid for posing… but then still the sacrifice and working conditions are sometimes quite extreme:



fot.Alicja Kondracka

Again in my head appears that sentence: the world is getting more demanding, photography world is getting more demanding. Should that stop you from getting pictures, because they might not be winning pictures of world wide competition, they might not be shocking or amazing enough? No, don’t stop,forget about that jungle, do just what you like, relax, and think that creative ideas are just waiting around the corner, or perfect capture is just going to happened, and being a master or expert in  something doesn’t happening in one day…

Just enjoy your photography, whenever you can, even  doing simple nice picture of child,   think, mother is  going to look on it often with a smile…

Published by Kate Kobryn