There was once a girl who liked to play the piano. Everyday she would sit behind the piano and play the most beautiful haunting melodies in the world. Haunting melodies were her specialty, like going to Japanese restaurant for especially for Japanese food. These melodies haunted the little girl at night, it filled her with poison yet she wanted more and more. She played more and more, never tiring to stretch her skillful fingers over to the next key.

This little girl had a special boy in her life. Though she would not say who, and will never tell anyone else not even her mother. The boy was the same age as she. Though she also would not say so, her piano songs were dedicated to this boy in her life. All she wanted was for him to hear her play, but that was impossible.

One day, the little girl, after breakfast and shower, went to her piano as usual. With tears in her eyes, she does not know why.

"He's dead" the echoes from the other room

The little girl never left the piano. With e\very strike of the key, black and white; with every chord you hear, with every sad notes in between, she hoped she could resurrect him with the  music she makes.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo