As a  writing excercise we were given a sentence to end our story and 20 minutes to write. Mine is as follows:-

The Piano.


I loved my nana, she lived only 10 minutes walk from my house; every day after school I would go straight to her little bungalow and practice on her piano. I loved that piano it had beautiful carvings and fine paintings on it and it also used to have a candelabra either side of the music sheet stand. Long since removed and replaced by a plain piece of varnished wood I wondered why?

When I tired of practicing my scales and set piece my Nana used to tell me tales of times past, I used to sit at her feet enthralled. Sometimes I used to brush, comb and plait her lovely silver hair.

Suddenly all that changed, she lay in her bed pale, thin and almost lifeless everyone tip toed around and whispered.

I wasn’t allowed to play my beloved piano, I was sad as I knew she would have loved to hear me play.

A nurse came and went day after day until one day my mum sat me down and explained that my nana was now in heaven, free from pain and with her sister Florence.

“What about the piano?”

“We gave that to the nurse who looked after Nan”

I loved that piano!

And that officer is why I had to murder my parents!"

Published by Carol Taylor