I am back again to bring you another version of The Playlist for you to fill your ears with, so let's get rocking.

-Soul’s Full by The Blue Stones: it’s a chill song with some laid back vibes and a little bit of a bluesy rock tone and a fun pickup that has you rocking that head along with the drums.

Summer Air by Little Hurricane: here we’ve got another strong rock song hitting us with the rebellious lyrics and full of attitude instrumentals that have us feeling a little devious.

-Elizabeth by Team Sleep: some really soft tunes and seductive sounds make this one a good go to song for some special hang out time with that significant other.

-Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation: this one’s a go to for me because of the dark mood, seductive quality and vengeful nature which is just a fun jam to rock to.

With that I give you another edition of The Playlist so let me know what you think or what I should be checking out in the comments below. If you're interested in checking out some more of my material feel free to follow the link below to my website and see what I've got. Thanks for reading and keep on rocking!



Published by Nick Bell