Hey! My name's Nick and I'm one half of the Devious Duo and my mission is to start bringing you some of the best tunes that I can out there. Now let’s get this rocking.

A New Beginning by Wolfie’s Just Fine: it’s another one coming from Jon Lajoie’s band and has a great mix of his comedic timing, shock and strong penance for catchy lyrics.

The Preacher by Jamie N Commons: the contemplative and sad melody along with powerful lyrics and a infectious beat make this one by a solid blues man a stand out.

Dark Necessities by Red Hot Chili Peppers: trust me, I’m not late to the game on this one, with that classic funky sound that these guys are known for this new tune of theirs is sure to be an instant classic of theirs.

F*** With Myself by BANKS: another new tune from one of the coolest artists out there, it’s a little different from some of her previous tunes but still carries her haunting vocals and dark undertones.

Well there you go Deviants! Let me know what you think of these tunes and any others I should be checking out in the comments below. As always keep checking back for more new material and keep on rocking!


Published by Nick Bell