Are your holidays approaching and you want to go out to enjoy with your family or friends? Do you plan to plan a trip in your car by road? We all love this type of travel, we enjoy the landscapes, we live with our loved ones and most importantly we still have experiences that we will treasure as unforgettable.

Now, if you want the whole trip to go great and you can enjoy it without any inconvenience, you can not miss the following tips:

1. Have your car in excellent condition

Before embarking on your trip you should take the car to the workshop for a complete review, so you have done it recently, it is better for your mechanic to confirm that your car is in excellent condition to start your trip, in addition, it is better prevent that having to call a crane in the middle of travel. The holidays are to relax and be calm, and for this it is best to anticipate possible problems and avoid them.

Apart from the technical aspects of the vehicle, it is also important to verify that all documentation is in order. Take, also, in an easy place to locate the phones that may be important in the event that the car gives you a problem.

2. Study the itinerary before traveling by car

Today, technology makes life easier for us in terms of location. We leave our destinations in the hands of the mobile phone or simply of the GPS that we have installed in our car. And it's okay, normally, the device works without difficulty and takes us to the hotel or to the campsite we go to without major difficulty and the fastest way.

However, being electronic devices do not always work normally, if we have not studied the route of the trip before facing the road and, the GPS or mobile phone shows us an error or simply runs out of batteries, it can generate a considerable delay in your trip because you could turn in a place that was not the right one or simply passed by at an important intersection. That is why, it is advisable before leaving to look at the roads where we will travel on a map (physical or digital) to get an idea of ​​the correct route to take.

It is also important to carry a road map to check it in case we have questions about whether the GPS is directing us right or wrong. Nor is it too much to review the latest update of the device, it is not going to be that important changes have been made in the ways we have to go through and we end up lost, aimlessly and without knowing what to do.

3. Rest well before driving

This seems obvious but, most of all on planned trips at the last minute or just the excitement of going on vacation do not let you rest well. It is important to sleep enough hours before traveling on the road. Eat well, but not copiously, stay hydrated during the trip and take breaks every two hours.

4. Stay focused on driving while on the road

Regardless of your experience, you should always remember to focus on the road when driving. Kwik Fit have recently released a game for you to test your reaction time to show you that multitasking is practically impossible especially while driving. 

This applies to those who still choose to use their phone while driving, despite being aware that it is both risky for themselves and other people on the road. For those who aren’t ware if found guilty for using a phone behind the wheel, there will be a minimum penalty of 6 points and a £200 fine. For particularly dangerous offences you can be taken to court where you could receive the maximum fine of £1,000 and even banned from driving. 

Once you have these basic preparation tips down, you will be ready to start your road trip journey.


Published by Samantha Brown