Hello! It's been a long time since I posted anything right? Sorry about that. Writers block. 

But today I have something for all you Pokémon lovers or whatever. I myself really enjoy the games though I only have white and x kill me and I have like?? 5 Shiny Pokémon?? on x?? Not a lot I know but shhhh

Anyway I've been looking at so many tutorials and whatnot for shiny hunting and I thought I'd make my own. So, here we go! The complete shiny hunting guide for Pokémon X/Y! 

1.0 What Are Shiny Pokémon? 

Shiny Pokémon are very rare Pokémon that don't have any special moves or whatever, they just have a different colour scheme. For example, a shiny Slugma would be a silver-ish colour instead of red. 
Slugma normal spriteSlugma shiny sprite

First is normal, second is shiny. 

But even though Shiny Pokémon do not have any special traits other than colour, as mentioned earlier, they are very rare. The chance of encountering a Shiny Pokémon in the wild is 1/8192. Basically, they're seriously hard to find. Shiny Hunting is the activity of trying to find and capture these sparkly Pokémon.  

So now that you know what Shiny Pokémon are, how do you get them? These methods will not give you a 100% chance of finding one, only make your chances of finding a shiny better. But hey, they work, and you still get a shiny.

*Note that as I said, these methods do NOT guarantee your finding a shiny, only increasing the odds. Mainly, you have to rely on luck. 

2.0 Methods

Now here is where you see all the methods of getting a Shiny Pokémon in X/Y. Remember, it's mainly revolved around luck. 

2.1 Chaining

"Chaining" is the act of catching the same Pokémon over and over again, without fail. For example, I would have to catch a Pancham 40 times in a row, without breaking the chain, to maximize my chance of getting a Shiny. 

To use this method, there are a few things you need before I explain how to sue this method.

  • The Poké Radar, which is only available after beating the Elite Four and Champion Diantha. To get this, after beating the game once, go to Sycamore's Lab and go to the second floor. A scientist at the right will give you the Poké Radar.
  • Max/Super Repels. Lots of them. To keep Pokémon you aren't hunting away from you. Super Repels are cheaper, just saying.
  • Pokéballs. I always use Quick or Ultra balls, since those work best. But if you still have your Master Ball, and can't catch that one shiny... 
  • An area of grass that is at least 5x5 tiles, so you have lots of space to walk around. 
  • Volume on. So you can hear the sounds of the Shiny. 
  • Patience. If you aren't a patient person, this isn't for you. This method takes time. 

Now, as for how to do this..

First charge your Poké Radar by walking 50 steps. Step into the patch of grass you want to use. (There's some nice ones in Route 5, Route 7, Azure Bay Secret Area, and a bunch of other places.) Make sure you are using your repels. Then, use your Poké Radar. Patches of grass will shake. You are looking for the patch that is shaking violently. Only that one. Step into it, KO the Pokémon, and the Radar will continue to show where Pokémon are. If you need to recharge it, DO NOT step out of the grass, just walk 50 steps in the patch, and make sure you are continuing to use your repels.

After succeeding in getting a chain of 40 (I hope you were counting, either by tallying or keeping track of your Pokémon's PP) just keep resetting the radar and using it until you see a shiny glowing patch of grass, and you hear "Pleasant Sounds". Your shiny Pokémon is in there! 

Here is a list of things, however, that will break your chain:

  • Stepping out of the grass or in the border of the grass.
  • Going in patches that are lower than 4 tiles away from you in either direction, or higher than 7 tiles.
  • Encountering a different Pokémon.
  • Stepping into grass patches that are shaking a little bit. 
  • Skating or Cycling through the grass. All you can do is walk. 

2.2 Chain Fishing

Similar to chaining, this method is used if you prefer shiny water-type Pokémon. Except this is much easier. 

To do this, here are the things you need:

  • A Pokémon with the ability Suction Cups or Sticky Hold as your lead Pokémon. This increases your chance of always hooking a Pokémon. The ability works even after the Pokémon has fainted. Pokémon with this ability is Octillery, Inkay, and Lileep. This works after the Pokémon fainted. 
  • Fishing Rods. Obvious enough. You can choose whichever rod you want to use - Old, Good, or Super. The levels and Pokémon that appear depend on location and rod.
  • A Good Location. Fishing in an enclosed space - such as an area covered with land, rocks, and those really deep water areas, alongside yourself. This also increases the chance of hooking Pokémon.
  • Patience. Some people get Shinies on their 14th chain. Others, they can get 40+ Pokémon and still can't find a shiny. It takes patience and luck. 

To start Chain Fishing, all you have to do is find a good location and your rod. Continue hooking Pokémon as you would regularly be fishing, but don't move from your spot. Once you pick a spot to chain fish, you need to stay there. It can be you standing on land or while surfing on a Pokémon's back, but you must stay in the same place. Just continue to fish Pokémon without missing one. The more you get, the higher your chance of finding a shiny goes. 

You can heal your Pokémon and use the PSS without breaking your chain. You can run, KO, or catch the Pokémon you just fished in without breaking your chain as well.  

Things that can break your chain:

  • Reeling in too slow/too fast
  • Not getting a bite
  • Moving from your location, even the slightest.

Also, I've seen somewhere that if you hear the background music change, you've got a shiny, but I don't know if this is 100% accurate.

2.3 Masuda Method

This is, by far, the most simplest way to get a shiny, even if it still does take some time. The Masuda Method is breeding two Pokémon from two different regions. Things you need:

  • Two Pokémon of the same egg group, but both from different regions (eg. 1 Korean, 1 Japanese). You can see what region they are in by noticing the abbreviation of the country when you click on the Pokémon from your party/box. (Eg. KOR, FRE, SPA, etc)
  • Patience. Do I even need to repeat myself? 

It's simple. Breed the two Pokémon, and eventually you will get a shiny. Some people get the shiny after hatching under 30 eggs, while others need more than 300. It's all revolved around luck. That's.. All there is to it, really.

2.4 Horde Hunting 

My personal favourite, Horde Hunting has gotten me 3 of my shiny Pokémon. (The other two were from trade but shhh) You only need a few things.

  • Honey/A Pokémon with the move Sweet Scent. Pokémon with this move are Combee, Illumise, and Oddish. there are more, but these are found early in the game. Sweet Scent is recommended, since you can use it multiple times. It will not work in weather conditions such as rain.

  • Poké​balls. Isn't that obvious? 

Now, to do this - go anyplace that can have hordes of Pokémon. Attract a horde using Sweet Scent or Honey, and if there's a shiny., knock out all the other Pokémon and catch it. I got my shiny Nosepass on my second try. (Honestly, I wasn't even looking for shiny Pokémon.)

Nosepass shiny sprite

And I got a shiny Yanma in after atleast 10 hordes. But it's all about patience. This is not like chaining - you can bike, skate, and you can run away. This is second easiest, I would say. 

3.0 Tips

Now that I've stated all the methods for Shiny Hunting, here are some tips for you.

  • The Shiny Charm  is a massive help. You can only get it after catching all 704/705/706 (one of those, I'm sorry I don't know) Pokémon, but hey, it's seriously worth it.
  • Don't give up. It takes a lot of time to get Shiny Pokémon, but the wait is worth it! Trust me on this! 
  • For motivation, here's a normal Dratini because they are so cute.

~Crystal // Hope this helps! 


Published by Crystal Lunar