Japa meditation can be used by anyone, whether you're just beginning a meditation practice or whether you've been studying meditation for extended periods of time. This can be a beautiful practice on its own, or japa can be combined with other types of meditation or yoga. Japa meditation a really lovely way to create the silence and stillness and to tap deep into that stillness. The beautiful thing about Japa Meditation and why it's so powerful and so effective and that it was created so that it involves engaging all of the senses.
I find japa meditation so powerful is because it's not often that we know what our next thought is going to be. Or really know what our next action is going to be like. I never know actually what my next word is going to be or what my next movement is going to be. It. It just happens. We have an intention and sometimes the intention doesn't unfold in that way, but when we're doing a japa meditation, we know what's next. We know that all we have to do is this the movement with our fingers and that it be an expat is going to come and when we speak, we know the next thing that we're going to say is now a month at our intention or whatever it's going to be so the mind can rest because it knows what's coming up next, and so as the mind rests, we come into this place of stillness. Wait, come into this place of alignment because we're not thinking. We're not thinking about the next choice that we're going to make. It's already done for us. So you feel the whole body rest. 
In a japa meditation practice, you come into this place of quietness is a place of surrender. This place of stillness and with the powerful words that you say over and over and over and over again. It's just like continually reminding you and constantly ingraining this within you. Say you begin to grow, and you begin to feel this creativity or the strength of your courage or whatever it may be. So it comes out with come with that comes so much empowerment, so much growth. 
And so when you go through your whole Mala, when you go from one and all the way around to the other end, you can stop there and you can sit in the silence and the stillness and continue one your meditation in that silence, in that stillness, or you can continue, and you can just reverse the yoga meditation beads and go the other way, and you continue this for as long as you wish. 
So the powerful thing with Japa meditation is that we have an intention, right? And it's like constantly doing something with their hands.  We are chanting Sanskrit mantras. We're constantly sharing, but everything that we are doing is with intention, so it's like all of the senses are attracted and the minute that we know when we've gone off because we either stop chanting or we stop moving our hands and the minute that we stopped doing that. And we come straight back to the moment, the meditation, the feeling of the beads, and the mantra.
And then after you finished, you place it on with the power and potency of the mala beads underneath your shirt as a reminder of your courage, your strength or creativity, your knowledge, whatever it may be, and you hold that with you throughout the rest of your day. Just for you don't need to be shown to anyone else. Again, everything you need is already right. There will be new, and then from what you've created, three or meditation, you can then expand and extend out to everyone else. 
You can come from that place because you know all of that is already within you. You show by just being. You don't show by the materials or the other things. You can leave this on your altar just as a reflection and every time you come home you see your Japa Mala. You don't need to show people that you're doing the meditation just by wearing it. It's only for you. You show by being in your innate nature. That's how you show. That's how you show up in your truth always. So there's so much more than I can expand on in there. It's so much. There's so much beauty in it, but I've just touched on a few little things today to give you a deeper insight to give you one of my valuable tools out of the toolkit for you to maybe implement into your day. 
Something that can take as little as 10 minutes and just feel the effects. You can play this every single morning or every single evening or whatever you want to do it, and it's, and it's like make guiding you through it, and we're right there together. I look forward to hearing from you as well and hearing about your progress and your experience with Japa. Mala and meditation is a beautiful, beautiful thing, empowering and I can't wait to hear your stories if you choose to share.

Published by Michelle Bouchard