Revelation 8 pt 3 “The Praying Saints in Smyrna and Today”

“the prayers of the saints, went up before God” carried there by incense smoke.

The church at Smyrna faced tribulation and poverty. The first and the last, who was dead and has come to life reminds them that although they have been stripped of material goods, they have laid up treasures in heaven. He knows that within their midst are those who say they are Jews but they are really of the synagogue of Satan because they are still under the curse of the Law. They have seen Christ, the Redeemer, publicly portrayed as crucified just as Isaiah predicted, and yet they have denied Him. (Is 53)

Suffering is part of the walk of the soldier and perhaps even to the point of prison where their faith will be tested. Yet truly the first and the last, who was dead but now is alive will be with them just as He was with the Three Hebrews or Daniel amidst the lions. They are to be faithful and a conqueror as they face these things.

Father, we walk in this world where those who deny Your Son deny the truth of Your Word. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the veil to be removed from the eyes of the Jews so they may be as us: redeemed from the curse of the Law. As we face trials may we be joyful knowing that no man can steal what is in our heart. May we remember these words; we are soldiers in active service and if we endure we will reign with Your Son. [Gal 3] Keep us strong and courageous so that one day we may receive the crown of life you have promised. 

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Published by Gaye Austin