If he did:

"Don't Ask Don't Tell" would have been repealed on day one.

The United States would have single-payer, universal health care.

Guantanamo would be closed.

Gun control would be a done deal.

The United States would be two years shy of independence from Middle Eastern oil.

Tax loopholes for companies who export their jobs would be closed.

Social Security funding would not be in peril.


The President of the United States does not govern alone.


He, or she, governs the nation together with the legislative branch, Congress, and the judicial branch of government. That's how the Founding Fathers set it up. A metaphoric three-legged stool for stability.

The two-party system creates a jockeying for position and power struggle within the government driven by interests other than serving the electoral constituency. In order to govern effectively, the political parties need to work together to do their job, that of benefiting all constituents, not just some.

If someone who comes up through the two-party system, the so-called political insider, has trouble working across party lines, even while enjoying the support of his or her own party, why would anyone believe that a political outsider would be any more effective in working within the confines of the existing system?

While it's very seductive to believe that voting for the Green or Libertarian Party candidate in the current presidential contest is sending a message, who is the message going to? The political parties that are still in control of Congress?

A three-party system cannot be implemented from the top down.  It must be done from the grass roots up.

Want to change the system?  Look for viable third (or fourth or fifth) party candidates in your own back yard. Support them, cultivate and nurture them. Help them rise to the State and then National level. Start today. Do the work that is required to create a political infrastructure that can work with the President, regardless of party affiliation.

Yes, we'd like to believe that whoever is elected to the White House in 2016 will make all the difference. The truth of the matter is that 2016 is the year to start building the foundation for the difference we might hope to see in 2056.



Published by Margarita Danielian