We see a lot of people on benefits and stating that they cannot afford to feed their families on the amount of money they are given.

I have no experience of trying to keep a family fed and this is just my opinion obviously, however I feel that if you are overweight or obese then people watching you claim you cannot feed your family have to wonder...why?

Why can you not feed your family but feed yourself? how can you put on that much weight on apparently "no food"?

There are some families in the UK on £40,000 a year in benefits, and they keep popping out kids even though for £40,000 they still cant feed the ones they have.

Here's an idea! stop buying the ice-cream and spring for some contraception and the ones you already have may get half a chance at feeding themselves.

Fruit is cheap guys, vegetables are cheap, you know what isn't cheap..... junk food, you know what makes people put on weight..... junk food!

Again I have no kids I've never had to attempt to raise and provide for anyone but myself and my partner so I really have no first had experience at this.

However I find it hard to have sympathy for unemployed parents being given money to feed their army of children who then also claim they don't have the time or energy to cook healthy food which is why they choose to buy the inflated priced junk food.

Another idea for you here! start walking off the muffin top and the energy will come oozing back to you, and if you don't work why don't you have time to feed your kids? I'll tell you why because that time is being spend making more kids to gain more benefits to spend on you've guessed it expensive junk food.

And of course if your so morbidly obese from all the expensive Junk food bought with benefits which makes you and your kids so fat and poor that you now aren't fit enough to work anywhere because you are gaining weight by the second....... we'll give you disability benefits.

Something is clearly broken!






Published by Amy Northcott