Begin to notice the comfort zone you’ve created for yourself. Take one SMALL, TINY action today that goes against your current beliefs. You’ll quickly begin to realize that the little world you’re living in DOES limit you, and you have it in you to expand beyond the limitations you’ve created for yourself.


We all have our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is in effect who we are, the things we’re willing to deal with, the activities we’re willing to engage in, the type of people we’re willing to create relationships with, etc.

The only difference between you and anyone else is the self-created limitations of the comfort zone – some of us have bigger more generous comfort zones, and some of us live in a very small world dictated by what we allow for.

Newsflash: Regardless of how big your comfort zone is, it is your biggest problem. Your comfort zone prevents you from enacting any change in your life. Your comfort zone is your greatest enemy.

Nobody ever grew by staying in their comfort zone. Nobody has ever changed in their comfort zone.

We love our comfort zones because we’re afraid of failure, we’re afraid of rejection, but most of all, we’re afraid to disappoint ourselves – by our own definition of what disappointment is.

The truth is, your definition of disappointment is completely BS and what’s even more important is that nobody really cares whether you succeed or fail.

Stop being afraid of looking or being vulnerable.

You have one life to live, and staying within the limitations you’ve created for yourself is no way to live it.


Stay hungry, stay humble.


Source: Ariel Banayan on Partners in Grind

Published by Gerardus Gilang