1Peter 2 Profile of a True Believer

Nathanael is spoken of only twice in the gospel of John. Yet in this brief sketch, we learn much about this disciple. He is from Cana of Galilee and he thinks those of Nazareth are not worthy of his time. Yet something peeked his interest when Philip tells him he has found the “one Moses wrote about in the law and the prophets also wrote about.”  He scoffed at hearing this man was from Nazareth “can anything good come out of Nazareth?” But, Philip was persistent; “come and see” or come check him out for yourself. Imagine Nathanael’s surprise when he met this one of whom Moses wrote. Imagine hearing Jesus say: “Look, a true Israelite in whom there is no deceit! 

Jesus had peered into the soul of Nathanael. He saw, like the woman at the well, a longing for something that only the Messiah of whom Moses wrote could fill. He saw Nathanael, like Jacob wrestling and seeking a blessing. The trial he was experiencing would transform his character forever. He looked beneath the veneer to his heart and saw the hunger that only He could fill. Do you have that same hunger? Matthew wrote: Blessed is he who hungers and thirsts for righteousness and he will be satisfied (Matt 5:6)

 In writing to the scattered believers Peter could have been thinking of Nathanael as an example of one who lived, walked and talked the true believer’s life. He had purified his soul by obeying the truth. He was an example of what Peter said for these believers to do: put aside all malice, which are intentional thoughts to seek injury of another. Put away all deceit; be pure in thought, word, and deed. Put away all hypocrisy. Don’t live behind a false mask but be true to others that they may see God’s work in you and give Him glory. Put away all envy; be content with who you are, where you are and what you have. Put away all slander. Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay.

In other words be as Nathanael.  Let Jesus fill that heart void so you can be a true believer in attitude and behavior.  



Published by Gaye Austin