There are several levels of product innovation. I am here to talk about the user experience. When developing Windows 7, Microsoft has learned some lessons about Vista: have not only the first class technology but also good user experience, making it easier for the user to use it. In fact, the application of sound modules in many products is to give users a good experience.

As we all know, at present, the functions of products are more and more abundant, and integration is higher and higher, such as intelligent toys, smartphones, intelligent washing machines, and security products. These complex products require more and more people to understand, and the user's habit is to use products without looking at the instructions or learning too much. This forced the designer of the product to use the man-machine dialogue to design the operation of the product.

Human-machine conversation is nothing more than the interactive interaction of text information and a recordable sound module for toys. The use of voice dialogues for some products may be more appropriate, such as family therapy instrument, family physiotherapy instrument, intelligent washing machine, intelligent toy and other products to use voice dialogue more affinity; security products use voice dialogue is more direct communication and guidance.

I think that the voice function that has already been used on some household appliances does not really reflect the actual value of voice interaction. Instead, it makes people feel that they are showing off. It is a fancy thing. For example, many in the electromagnetic stove with voice function, just press what key to voice what the operation, the business said this could help that poor eyesight elderly use electromagnetic furnace. There are also many ways to add voice prompting on the therapeutic apparatus, and some are far-fetched. Businessmen do not consider the habits and problems of the elderly family therapy apparatus.

I think the voice function can be added to home appliances and security products at present. Its innovative value is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. Voice navigation (a function of voice menu)
Now the instructions are several pages generally, which seem to be very annoying. And when I first bought it, I didn't think that every function would be used so that I wouldn't learn all the operations or questions. But for a long time, when I occasionally wanted to use a function, I was helpless. I hurried to find the instructions but disappeared.

 At present, the sound module has a large storage capacity. In general, voice content of 3 or 400 seconds, that is, 1 or 2 thousand words, is common. Using WT588D sound module can erase the voice content repeatedly, and the price is only a few yuan. It is very affordable to facilitate the online upgrading of voice content. Its sound quality is also very outstanding.

Like today's intelligent rice cooker, intelligent electric pressure cooker, intelligent washing machine, although intelligent operation is complicated. Just like an electric water heater has a regular appointment function, it is very troublesome to operate, and sometimes it will forget the operation steps. If you have voice prompts and flashing words or match with the flashing LED lights, you can well demonstrate some of the functions, or guide users on how to operate.

2. Help confirm
When people operate, they want to get the response of their own keystrokes, which is usually confirmed by the sound of "Di Di". But this does not mean what will happen in this operation. It would be a good experience to tell what might happen and what situations to pay attention to. It must be very warm. If the sound that helps to confirm is a wonderful sound effect, such an experience will also make people feel happy. The above mentioned WT588D and WTV series voice chips have performed well on sound effects.

Published by Mudassar Ali