The internet can be a fabulous place, full of knowledge and entertainment. Searching for something has become ten times easier, you can find someone with just their initials, learn new skills or watch your favorite television shows and movies. 

However, there are so many things happening beneath the surface that it really makes you question whether the internet is all good. We’re going to break down why the internet has a good, bad and ugly side. 

The Good Side 

Starting with the good side of the internet, let’s begin with how easy it’s made our lives. You can now do your banking and shopping online and communicate with a person on the other side of the world. 

Businesses are booming; you can get so much done in simpler and faster ways. Reach out to your clients, hold press conferences via online video calls and conduct interviews, it’s just marvelous what you can do on the internet these days. 

Let’s not forget the vast amount of knowledge there is for you to explore and study. Whether it’s history, news, music, art, or technology, you can learn something new every day. 

Pick up a hobby, connect with people who have similar tastes or just take up a skill. It’s all possible at the click of a button! 

Better Productivity

The number of opportunities and benefits the internet provides for individuals and businesses alike means much greater  productivity. 

Entrepreneurs have gained from the generous data storage abilities. Retrieving and sharing information has become super easy. 

Thanks to cloud platforms that offer hardware, software, development platforms and security, businesses are able to reduce capital costs and do things much faster. Gone are the days of carrying a bulky external hard drive and easily misplaced pendrives. 

Storing data online gives businesses and organizations a chance to grow their workforce. Some businesses are available 24/7 online and are successfully boosting their productivity. 

You can interact with vendors directly which reduces the need for face-to-face interactions (every introverts dream come true!).

Positivity in Social Media 

Social media has become a platform for all ages. From grandparents to young teenagers, everybody is making the best out of it. 

It’s fantastic to be able to communicate with anyone at any time of the day. You can create your own page or a group, whether it's for sharing memes or your favorite kind of music; you can do anything. Social media helps bring people with similar interests together.

The Bad Side 

Now let’s talk about the bad side of the internet. There are many reasons why the internet could be a place where people can get hurt. 

As easy as it is to spread positivity through the internet, it’s just as easy to spread negativity too. Spreading misinformation, opening up fake accounts and cyberbullying are real problems happening right now. 

The Dangers of Social Media

It’s no secret how dangerous social media can be for people who are easily influenced. In the world of social media where it’s all about influencing people, this can get ugly really quickly. 

Intentionally bullying someone because of a difference of opinion has become so natural these days that most people don’t even recognize it as bullying anymore. 

The manifestation of hate doesn’t just stop because of different opinions though. There are people being body shamed and being attacked with racist comments all the time. Younger audiences who are being exposed to the ‘perfect online image’ are affected the most. 

Getting bullied, having your intimate photos leaked or getting stalked can affect people deeply and cause traumatic experiences. People have even committed suicide becuase of cyberbullying and the horror of it all is that many people just make memes out of it and move on. 

The Chaos of Advertisements

There are downsides for businesses when it comes to the internet too. If you’re not aware of the features you’re utilizing, then chances are you’re not making the most of your own business. 

This could be bad for the people who are exposed to your business. It’s no secret that for any business to thrive, you need to spend a lot on advertising. This could be great for some business but for the majority of businesses, it’s just increasing capital instead of providing sales.

Some advertisements contain viruses and malware. It’s now too easy to steal your credit card information or your personal information through online banking, communication and even online shopping. There are depraved people who will steal or troll you just for the fun of it. 

The Ugly Side 

The ugly side - where it gets not only weird, but severely disturbing. From unsolved crimes, messed up serial killer documentaries and deep mysteries, the internet can get seriously messed up way too fast. 

There are a lot of shady and risky businesses going on and it’s a lot bigger than you might think. Let’s dive in deeper to find out what they are. 

The Mysteries of the Deep Web 

We all know what the deep web AKA the dark web is. Even if you’ve never been there, you still know what it is. The dark web is filled with questionable content that most people don’t know how to access. 

However, those who can access the dark web know that it's a weird place full of equally questionable people. You can hire hitmen to kill someone, buy drugs or just hack websites to your heart's content. Nobody can stop you. 

It’s a playground for depraved people who can’t function normally and a place for people who might have serious mental health issues. Since there’s nobody to stop them, people can just do whatever they want. 

Whether it’s making weird videos, spreading weird videos, selling inhuman things or buying cursed objects, there really is no end to how dangerous the dark web can be. 

Hacking and Spreading Virus 

It’s super easy for expert hackers to spread viruses via the internet. 

Businesses get the worst of it because of having weak security. Any persistent hacker can get in and spread ransomware or other malware without leaving a trace. 

These threats are so real and frequent that businesses don’t have any other option but to spend billions on securing their network. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, the internet is both a good and a bad thing, it’s how you use it that counts. There are a lot of bad things happening on the internet where people are spreading hate left, right and center. 

And yet, there are people who are actually helping people and spreading positive messages every day. It’s true that the internet has gotten a bit out of control, but it’s the people who are still trying to do some good that make it worthwhile.


Published by Johanne Cosihan