There is a point in every college students life where they come home for a weekend, a break, and/or even the summer (like me). I have compiled a list of pros and cons so you know what to expect.


  • THE FOOD IS AMAZING. I repeat, the food is amazing. Cafeteria food is highly processed and pales in comparison to a home cooked meal with fresh ingredients.
  • Being around the people you love is a refreshing. College is hard; sometimes you just want to go and hug your momma. While you’re a home, you can.


  • You miss your friends like crazy. Suddenly, you go from being ten minutes apart at max to being hours away from each other. It’s just weird not being around them and texting just isn’t the same as seeing them in person.
  • Curfews are a thing again. You can’t just go wherever and do whatever you want anymore. You have to ask permission, which is a weird thing to do after you have been your own boss for a while.

I know the lists are short but that pretty much sums it up. Even if some of these do not apply to you, just understand that after college, home will never be the same. -R

Published by Rachel Freeman