I creep through the forest, my feet digging into the soft dirt with each step. My steps feel shaky, as if the ground is moving with me. I flash the light towards the ground and realize its keeping up with my speed, so I run faster! My legs are going so quick like they are wheels on a race car. I stop for a breath with my hand on “the tree”, I say “the tree” because this tree was unlike any other I’ve experienced. I notice a voice mumbling so I quickly glance around, frightened at my surroundings. I am frightened because I think there is not a soul here with me.. but then there is! The tree has a face and the tree is mumbling, then I can hear more clearly that the tree is talking. I slowly step back and creep my head to a turn, unbelieving my sight. Then I think of the tree in the movie Pocahontas, the wisdom the tree gives her. So I speak back, softly at first. Then I am unsure it hears me, so I yell! Then it yells back at me. We speak for a moment that never seems to end, but my memory is lost as to what we are even talking about. My mind is spinning and so am I, then my sight turns to a wolf. The wolf is howling slowly, so slow that I can see his breath as if it were cold outside then paused. It seems to just be one large breath of a howl. As the sound of the howl rings and rings in my ears my gaze is shifted to the stars. I then realize I am not in this forest alone, that I am not in this world alone. Maybe thats the wisdom the tree was talking about. Then I abruptly wake from my crazy dream and I am in a daze. The kind of daze that makes you feel like you never left the dreamworld at all. The feeling I can only describe as being unsure of which world is real because of the tired mind working so hard when it should be resting. I jump! The jump is from someone speaking as they notice me awake and snap back into reality. 

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Published by Shana Ross