Nobody takes into account the overnight workers, with the new caribou that opened near my house, and of course their pumpkin lattes that just came out again, I wanted to stop on my way to work only to discover they close an hour before I even leave for work. So I take matters into my own hands (cheaper anyway). 

So I dig through my k cups and find pumpkin flavored coffee and brew 2 large cups (it had to fit in my 22oz water bottle). I take a bottle of honey and some pumpkin pie spice and decide I am going to mix them in a small bowl. Now this is easier said than done, honey is a pain to measure out and stir. I pour out some milk and whisk it until it's "frothy" which for me means a little bit of bubbles on top, pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds and decide that I will mix the pumpkin spice with that instead of fighting with the honey. 

I mix all these things into my bottle (resulting in me pouring honey straight from the bottle to my concoction). I taste it and it's bitter, so why can I not get honey to sweeten coffee? Do I have to coax it? Say encouraging things? What am I doing wrong?  I grabbed a couple packets of sweet and low (I know, I know fake sugar is BAD) I dump in 2 packets and shake up my bottle and try again...perfect. 

So I head in to work, sipping on my coffee concoction when I start getting to the bottom, wouldn't you know I found the honey, and all the pumpkin pie spice and I'm reasonably certain the rest was sweet and low that sunk to the bottom, I nearly spit it out. 

Why is it that every time I attempt to make latte's they never turn out? It's not even just coffee, at one point I attempted to make blueberry lemon iced green tea which turned into a disaster. 

I better just stick to my cold press coffee (which I managed to make perfectly) and k cups. Less wasting of coffee anyway. 

People make that look so easy...

Published by Liz Zemlicka