If you had asked me one year ago what my hobbies and passions were, I'd have said a lot of different things. Today, only one has remained the same. Dogs. After waiting for all these years and going back and forth with myself, I finally bought my own dog in the beginning og summer. That was when Dorian the papillon came in to my life. It was something I had dreamed off ever since I was young, and to make that come true was unbelievable. If someone had asked me one year ago if I could imagine myself with a dog as a soulmate and companion, I would probably have replied that it would happen. If someone had asked me in the same sentence if I enjoyed hiking, I would probably have said no. 

This sudden desire to walk greater distance in tough terrain seemingly came out of nowhere, but was sparked by my love for dogs. Don't they go hand in hand, Hiking and dogs? I was that girl that hated hiking, I loathed mountains and everything they stood for. That girl probably would have loathed the person I am now, too. Somehow the fresh mountain air clears my head and the forest equals peace in my mind. There is nothing I'd rather do than walk and hike and wallow in the wild. 

Before this day of sudden self-realization, I used to believe adventure could only be found in far-away places I could only dream of. And it does exist there, in the unreachable and unexplored. But it also exists right underneath the soles of my shoes and underneath Dorian's paws. It lives in my beating heart and in his. Adventure can be found on top of the mountain I see in the distance, and in the depths of the forest. It is right before me at all times, because it is simple. The purpose of adventuring is simply to find an adventure. I had trouble finding this purpose, but now I know that this purpose is whatever you wish it to be. For me, my adventure is being with nature. To walk amongst that which is untouched by humans and that is enriched by wildlife. We might not always find something life changing or remarkable, but I will always feel a passion rise up in me, a joy from exploration and discovering new trails. I know that no matter where to I hike, whether it's a glistening lake lit up by a setting sun or a dead end, I have walked along with unique beauty. Most importantly, I have done it with my best friend.

And to me, that is the purpose of adventuring. That is the reason we step out the door full of expectations and excitement, and why we return feeling satisfied and curious as to what else is out there at the same time. That is why Dorian and I inspire to live adventurous lives, no matter how simple it might seem.

Published by Quelly And Dorian