There are three crucial elements for the appearance of a quinceanera on the day of her party: the dress because it must be the center of everyone's glances; the accessories like tendrils, bracelets, some comfortable but pretty shoes; and last, but not least, the hairstyle, so that it is perfect you must take into account some details, here we give you several recommendations to take into account.

The braids

Hairstyles with braids bring elegance, variety, and spontaneity because you can play with the diversity of this technique and you can even decorate them with flower ornaments or jewelry, as well as giving you the confidence that it will last all night even though you dance.


A hairstyle with all the hair collected is undoubtedly the best if you want to make a formal and elegant quinceanera, to give it a youthful touch you can place strands of hair intertwined or loose, then praise it with a tiara, crown or adornment based on pearls and Swarovski crystal. Remember that bows are classic and never goes out of style.

Short hair

If you have short hair, use it and use a beautiful headband with flowers, pearls or crystals ornaments, you can also choose a model without many appliques. If you are a daring girl, dye your hair and give something to talk about at your party; but beware, do it a few days before the event so you can reverse the change if it does not turn out to be your pleasure.

More and longer

The extensions are a wonderful resource to increase the volume and length of your hair, you can even add colored tufts without having to dye it, these options allow you to make the hairstyle you want for your party of fifteen years. Remember that if your celebration is thematic your mane should also go to match the character you want to represent.

According to your face

Whichever style you are going to choose for your quinceanera hairstyles, you must take into account the type of face you have, for this you must make a tail and stand in front of a mirror. Evaluate if your face is round, oval, diamond, heart, pear or square. Select several hairstyles that you like and take them to the stylist who will comb your hair so he can recommend which one suits you best.

Always choose what makes you happy and be beautiful according to your point of view but listen to those who know more and who are in the fashion world constantly so that you favor the hairstyle but in turn transmit elegance.

Do not look for such a sophisticated hairstyle where it takes you so much maintenance time if you do not have much money since you would need a stylist throughout the night I always recommend that they be easy hairstyles so you can fix it yourself if something goes wrong.

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Published by Taslima Akter