Lemme show you my city around :)

Past few years I've been filming a lot of places of historical and architectural significance in and around my city - Delhi, India. I've shared these films on my YouTube channel in the form of elaborate yet simple, enjoyable and informative videos and these are equally loved by travelers, explorers and even students of history, heritage, culture, archaeology and even architecture!

As my first travel related post here, to start with, I chose the Qutub Complex situated in Delhi, India as my first heritage video series. This complex houses the famous minaret, the Qutub Minar and several other historical and architectural gems built during the medieval times. Apart from the Qutub Minar, the Indo-Islamic architecture and the beautiful calligraphy all around the complex are noteworthy! 

So now, without using more words, lemme just take you on a virtual heritage walk to this grand and royal complex from medieval India :)

In this first episode of this multi-part series we introduce you to the political and cultural situation in this part of the world during medieval times and also give you a glimpse of the various monuments and structures situated within the Qutub Complex! Happy Exploring :)


PS: For those fond of exploring places on maps, here's a custom map marked with all my heritage-tour video locations: https://adityapathak.net/video-map/

More episodes Coming Soon! Stay tuned in :)





Published by Aditya Pathak