Immigrants are not the problem, British entitlement is. 

I have been seeing a lot of posts about leaving the EU recently, and although I am very open to people's opinions and also sympathetic to those who feel so discontented with the government  they felt they had absolutely nothing to lose if they lost the EU, but it is becoming ever more difficult for me to feel any kind of sympathy for those who are part of these selfish and xenophobic geographic who left the EU to make Britain 'there's again.'

52% of people agreed that British people should be free to live and work anywhere in the EU. Which is perfectly fine; freedom and integration are very important for all countries, for economic growth, it gives the younger generation a better chance at obtaining a sustainable job so understandably the majority of people asked, agreed that people should have the freedom to go to other countries. 

However when asked if EU citizens should have the freedom to come to Britain to live and work, 46% (the majority) disagreed. This is the exact problem with Britain. False claims that immigrants are stealing jobs, scrounging benefits and swarming the welfare state will be plastered on papers like the DailyMail, but these are unproven and fabricated problems. 

The real issue with Britain is that people feel entitled. Entitled to jobs which they aren't qualified for. Entitled to the welfare state which the non-British family next door pays just the same amount of money towards. And entitled to the jobs and houses in EU countries. 

It baffles me that people actually don't see the double standards which have been created in their own brains, how can you feel you can live and work in a different country, but it is not acceptable vice-versa? This doesn't seem to be about people wanting want to live and work in other countries, this is about Britons not wanting people from those other countries to live and work in Britain. It is ignorance and selfishness at it's finest. 


Published by Katie Anderton