The Really ‘Tough’ questions in Life.

Do the really big questions in life get-your-juices-flowing? Not me, I listen to all the big talkers and thinkers as they try to explain about Life & Death, Philosophy is there Right & Wrong? Why are we here? They can go on forever for all I care. I want to know the answers to the Real Mysteries in life.

Here is one I started to think about while I was young as I rode my bike to the store to get candy and soda.

If convince stores like 7/11 are open 24/365 why do they have locks on the doors? They are never closed, always open so why have locks? And it comes with a built in bonus question; why do they still call themselves 7/11? Which means 7am to 11p? This is something we may never know the answer too.

These are the real questions that try men’s souls; sorry to steal your line Thomas Paine.

Next question;

Why can’t I just go to the Airport and get on a plane?

Let’s talk Airport security; we have to take off our shoes because of the Shoe Bomber and our belt because of Bomber Belts so why do we still get to keep our Underwear on after the Underwear Bomber? There is a flaw in this system; I think we should be able to keep our shoes on and our belts in place! No more stumbling through the detector barefoot with my pants falling down. Or is that a tricky way to check for underwear bombs?

What about the line ID checker, how hard is this job? Yes, here is my ID and here is my boarding pass. Wait. Wait and wait some more; what are they looking at? There is only my name and address on the two pieces, maybe a total of ten to fifteen words and numbers. Come on, let’s go. Hurry up, please. Then they lean over and whisper in the ear of another TSA agent. Now what? More waiting. Finally I get waved through, while handing back my papers. I want to know why it took so long, but I can’t waste another thought on that because I have to hurry up and remove my belt and shoes.

Boarding the plane, First class, special needs and families with little kids go first. There is a joke there that I am not going to touch about those three groups. Seriously, why small children in first? Shouldn’t they run around and play at the gate waiting area until the very last minute. They won’t want to sit still and be quiet on the flight so why have them get on the plane 30 to 45 minutes before they have to. Good planning there, the flight is long already. Make them suffer extra time before it even starts. Think about this for a minute, Parents don’t pre-board their kids into the mini-van before the hour long drive to Grandma’s.

Lastly airline bathrooms, there are so many disturbing items that we could discuss but I think it’s hysterical that each one of has the same thought as we sit down on the little seat. That we are going to be the first person in the history of aviation to get sucked down and out the bottom of the plane. So we hang on to a handle or whatever we can as we go about our business. I can hear the captain being interviewed by CNN “It was a freak accident, nothing like this has ever happened before. And they seemed like such a nice person as they were pre-boarding the plane, what a shame”

What is up with all these Protestors?

Why do protestors think it’s OK to take away my rights and privileges when they think theirs are being taken away? Two wrongs don’t make a right, or in their case many wrongs won’t make it righter. When you go to a protest march it used to mean that you walked to some place you weren’t supposed to, too make a point. Now people march to block other people from whatever they are doing. Then hang around until its dark and riot and rampage. This does nothing for your cause. Trust me, this makes no one care. It makes me want your cause to fail. If you don’t like how something is right now. Get to work within the system, team up with others of the same mindset and make a change that is real, lasting and important. That’s the American way, not beating people up, destroying their property and burning the Flag. Not cool!

What has happened to just going to the movies?

Movie previews show way too much about movies that aren’t out yet. I really don’t want to think about them, I’m here to see the movie I paid to see. Some previews are over four minutes long; when it’s done I know all the important plot points, there is no suspense or surprise characters. Then there are seven to ten of them. It’s a half hour before my movie starts, I’m done with my popcorn and I have no soda left. I’m sitting there wondering when my movie will start?

And what about all the food you can get at a theater now, holy crap. It used be dinner and a movie for date night now its dinner at the movies. “What did they just say I couldn’t hear them over my crunchy pizza sticks and super cheesy nachos?

How about the cost? Ouch! General admission used to be $6 back in my day then it began climbing a buck every couple years and in some theaters it’s up to $14. Even their matinée is over $10 now.

Then there is the high frame rate, big screens, IMAX and RPX with 3D and the “cool” glasses. Too Much!

Thank goodness for Netflix…

What Happened to Professional Sports?  It is so unwatchable now, there is too much money involved now. Where has the joy and sportsmanship gone, winning fairly and wishing the best for your opponent. The cost of everything is up, from parking to tickets and food. It’s all for the ‘betterment of the team’, but the players don’t think about what is best for the team. Being the best now means I have the best sponsorship deal, with the most products named after me. My team has the best stadium, sponsor named and its jammed full of product placement. This is the official whatever of the whomever… Even in the middle of game, plays have sponsors named after them, “This stolen base brought to you by Bay Area Alarm; what have you got to lose” The commercial breaks go on to long now and when you get back to the game they are already underway again, “What a great play that was” and you just missed it because the official beer of the team gets to show you horses pulling beer wagons, wow. Then you add the political correctness forcing changes to mascots and team names blah-blah-blah. Add in the Politics of Democrats vs. Republicans from the networks to the teams and there is no one left to root for because you’re mad at everybody. People say “Well, there are always college sports to watch, they haven’t sold out yet” Nope, have you tied to watch one of their games. It’s not as bad but well on their way. I think I will try a little league baseball game or pee wee football; that sounds safe – for now.

I’ve got lots more, how about you? Comment or email them. Thanks, Aloha Pa

Scripture for today - 1st  Corinthians 9:24

Advice from Aloha Pa - To all the fathers out there that has the next sports super star in their backyard. I would like to prepare you for something… after you use every weekend to teach, train and develop the child. Spend hundreds of dollars on equipment and sports camps. Giving everything you got; your blood, sweat and tears to get them to the Big Show. They will score the winning points, look at the TV cameras and say “Hi Mom” – such is the way of fatherhood…

Published by Vincent Bocchieri (Aloha Pa)