Whether its your race, your religion, your weight, or your sexual orientation, it is so, so hard to be happy in today’s society. Yes, we have made so many technological advancements and gained rights and passed amazing, truly beautiful laws to protect people viewed as “different” and the bottom line is that we are all different. Our millennial generation is especially accepting and loving but that doesn’t defeat the fact that it is still impossible to be who you truly are. 

I’m sure you’ve heard people say “take a shot, it’ll take the edge off” or “chill out, have a beer”. Even though these are silly sayings passed down there is some truth behind them. The fact is, alcohol makes it easy to be yourself and when you can be yourself, you’re most likely to have fun.

I know from first hand experience how alcohol can truly affect you. I am a generally outgoing person (in the right setting) but I do have a very meek way about me. Being at a bar not even drunk, simply holding a beer gives me confidence to talk to someone I normally wouldn’t. We make alcohol an excuse. It clears the path to make mistakes and show who we really are without fear of being judged. You say something stupid and people will just brush it off and reason it as you were drunk. Because this judgment barrier is created we feel okay letting go and gain a sense of confidence. Dancing by yourself, talking to strangers, it all seems to come so naturally. Since this is such a wildly accepted concept, our generation has simply tolerated the notion that alcohol=fun.

Having a generation with the highest percent of people suffering from depression, the need for an outlet to feel safe and accepted by others is of the utmost importance. Social media has been the leading cause of hatred of the self and the world. We never feel good enough, smart enough, or pretty enough because there is always someone better. Social media makes the lives of strangers appear better than your own and because of this, many simply feel depressed. We run to alcohol when we need a pick me up, when we need to celebrate, or when we feel uncomfortable. Just think, how many birthdays have you celebrated without a little sippy sippy? Most likely, not too many. Your friend just got dumped so naturally, you and the girls head to the bar to help her “forget” her problems. Alcohol has become our answer to everything. Happy, sad, excited, it doesn’t matter.

If our generation could simply feel comfortable expressing our emotions we could put alcohol to the side and begin living in the moment. We could be okay with walking up to a stranger and starting a conversation. We wouldn’t have to feel awkward telling someone how we feel and hazy-minded 2am heart to hearts could actually be meaningful and remembered.

I’m not saying alcohol is bad or that we should completely get rid of it. I just want to know what it’s like to feel the invincibility I feel when drunk, sober.

Published by Nicole Wojtowicz